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Global Greens News: November 2015

Global Greens go to Paris COP21

World leaders are going to Paris on 30 November. So are the Greens. We will be in the global climate marches on the weekend of 27 to 29 November. We will be at COP21 in Paris. And we are organising a Global Greens webinar on Monday 9 November at 9 pm UTC. Join us online to hear Greens from all corners of the Earth discuss how we can keep the climate safe, switch to renewable energy, save forests and pay fairly for the transition. Read more

Fourth Global Greens Congress – save the date

The Global Greens and European Greens will hold a combined Congress in March-April 2017 in Liverpool, UK. This will be the fourth Global Greens Congress and the first in Europe. Previous Global Greens Congresses were in Canberra Australia (2001), Sao Paolo Brazil (2008) and Dakar Senegal (2012). Save the date, make plans to come to Liverpool and watch for more details coming soon.

Global Greens Ambassador

We are delighted to welcome Christine Milne as our first Global Greens Ambassador. Christine lives in the southern Australian state of Tasmania and her role is to promote the Global Greens and its activities. She brings over 25 years’ experience as an elected member of parliament and former Leader of the Tasmanian and Australian Greens together with special expertise in climate change and energy. She will be in Paris for COP21.

Changes at the Global Greens

We are also very pleased to announce that Keli Yen is our new Global Greens Coordinator. She brings seven years’ Green experience at local, national and global level based in Taiwan and New Zealand and will travel to Brussels via the FPVA Congress (Dominican Republic) and COP21 in Paris. She takes over from Veronica Juzgado who has made a wonderful contribution and many friends as acting Global Greens Coordinator. We thank her and wish her all the best for the future. Read more


Rencontre des femmes et jeunes vert d’Afrique de l’Oest

Meeting of Green women and youth from West Africa. A training and capacity building meeting took place in Lomé, Togo, on 11-13 September with participants from Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Rwanda and Togo. Topics discussed included ecologist ideology and political programs, the problems facing Nigeria in holding peaceful elections, women and election campaigns, and prevention of rural conflict. Read more (French)

Rwandan Greens continue fight for constitutional reform

The Rwandan Greens have welcomed the parliament’s decision to reduce the presidential term of office from seven years to five but pointed out an inconsistent new provision — its effect is to create an exemption for current President Paul Kagame and allow him to stand for a third 7-year presidential term. The Greens are calling on the Rwandan Senate to fix the issue before submitting the constitution to referendum. Read more


Tackling climate change – examples from Latin America

The reality of climate change is increasingly seen through the incidence of extreme weather events (like Hurricane Patricia, pictured). Our job as Green parties is to combat the economic forces that are destroying the Earth and help humankind to recover its environmental consciousness. Examples of the work done by Green parties in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and Venezuela are given. Read more (Spanish)

El verdadura color de la revolucion es verde!

The true colour of the revolution is Green! The first national green youth camp of the Chilean Greens – Partido Ecologista de Chile — has been a great success. It was celebrated in the mountains of the National Park, Laguna del Laja, in Chile from 10-12 October. The young Greens committed themselves to become agents of change for a fair Chile, with equity and sustainability. Read more (Spanish)

FPVA General Assembly in the Dominican Republic

The General Assembly of the Federacion de Partidos Verdes de las Americas (FPVA) will be held in the Domincan Republic from 15-17 November, together with meetings of young Greens and the Partido Socialista Verde (PASOVE). Read more (Spanish)

Asia / Pacific

Nepali Greens urge action against border blockade

The Nepali Greens are calling for Greens to speak up against the unofficial border blockade by India, which is preventing fuel, medicine and other essentials from reaching Nepal, and to take initiatives to resolve the crisis through global green diplomacy. The blockade is causing an acute shortage of fuel which in turn impacts on tourism and the economy. People’s lives are at risk from the lack of medicines and community forests could be under threat from a rise in firewood use. Read more

Yes we can – New Zealand Greens’ climate plan

The New Zealand Greens propose an emissions target 40% below 1990 levels and three economy-wide measures to get there: an independent Climate Commission to assess progress; a Green Investment Bank to stimulate growth in a low emissions economy; and a ‘Climate Tax Cut’ to put a price on pollution and recycle revenue back to households and businesses. Read more


Steve Emmott – in memoriam

The Global Greens and the European Greens have lost a caring, dedicated and energetic campaigner with Steve Emmott’s unexpected death on 24 September aged 71. He made a vital contribution representing the European Greens on the Global Greens Coordination, navigating the complexities of Belgian law to get the Global Greens legally registered, and planning for the next Congress in the UK. He will be greatly missed by friends around the world. Read more

Fennovoima nuclear power plant in Finland – what’s it all about

Plans by Finnish nuclear company Fennovoima to build a nuclear power station are highly controversial, not least because of its connection to Rosatom. Rosatom is a Russian state corporation that is supposed to build the reactor and is also the largest single owner of Fennovoima. The Finnish Greens opposed the project from the start and now fewer than one-third of Finns support it. Read why

Greens in politics deliver!

September’s Green Cities Conference in Helsinki was a precious experience – 253 participants from 34 countries, topics ranging from transport to tourism to combating poverty to women in politics, high profile speakers giving a living demonstration of what Greens deliver when involved in real politics and in the institutions. Read more

Terry Reintke calls for gender equality in the digital revolution

Greens MEP Terry Reintke says that we have to play an active and strong part in shaping the new digital reality, making it an inclusive, gender equal and participatory space for everyone. The present reality is of a severe gender gap in employment in the information and communications technology sector, and of the emergence of new forms of violence against women. Read more


Elizabeth May returned in Canada

Canadian Greens Leader Elizabeth May retained her seat in Canada’s national elections on 19 October but the results demonstrate just how unfair the voting system is. The Greens received 606,000 votes (3.4%) and one seat. The winning Liberal Party gained 11 times the Greens vote (6,930,000) and 184 seats in a 338-seat parliament. Time for change! Read more


Global Greens @ COP21 activities

Make your voice count – join the activities before, during and most importantly after COP21 in Paris. Keli Yen, our new Global Greens Coordinator will be in Paris organising Global Greens activities on the ground. If you are in Paris from 29 November to 12 December, register here so you can keep informed about Greens activities and meet up with other Greens. Read more

Take the leap – become a FROGG

As environmental and social issues cross borders so must politics. That’s why the Global Greens is so important. Support us by joining the Friends of the Global Greens (FROGG) — to join make a regular monthly donation of whatever amount you choose. Click to donate and join.

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