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Right now, and throughout this week, political leaders, activists and Greens around the globe are taking action to keep global warming below 2°C.  Beyond 2°C many scientists agree earth could suffer a domino-like series of catastrophic environmental consequences, including rapid sea level rise, food and water shortages, disease epidemics, and mass extinctions.

Achieving this goal requires everyone’s effort — you, me and most especially our governments.

That’s why the Greens are taking a strong stand at the climate negotiations in Lima this week.  We’re taking action in consideration of the whole planet, most especially those who will suffer from the impacts of climate change.

A great big Thank You! to the 60+ people from 19 countries who donated to “Send Veronica to Lima” (listed below).


Global Greens COP20 Statement

Watch the Greens’ COP20 Media event online!

Thank you! to all who helped Send Veronica to Lima:

Florent Marcellesi, Leslie Yen, Eva Goës, Kevin Yen, Bob Hale, Peter Davis, Dierk von Behrens, Marc Buschlüter, Brigitte Brozio, Ronald Blanchard, Balthasar Glaettli, Uli Kindermann, Marianne Saenen, Timo Muller, Janet Rice, Bert Boer, Dauroi, Marco Mroz, patrick8684, Menormerce, Artrosen, Kaihsu Tai, Idnekib, Alba del Campo, Ola Jahr, Josvd, Comatrixco, Josema329, Marco Trevisan, Keli Yen, Anniphil, Hoppyoz1, Adrián Blanco, Daniel Saavedra, Ángel Vázquez Hernández, Rafa Font, Silvaine Zimmerman, Kim Dravnieks,Alvaro Peñarrubia Ramirez, Paula Zeling, Jose Gutierrez Guerra, Edu García, tbanobreequo, Baywines, rgvonk, Eco817, cienbrujas, fjvinal, Jennifer Bishop, Joseph in Africa, Ilorensss, Rosa Martinez, Verdes Ecopacifistas, Jose Angel Esteban Algora, Anna Clarke, Brian Hurley, David Westsson, Mikael Wahss, Ane Aadland

Plus others who prefer to remain anonymous

12/09/2014 – 10:44


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