Global Greens encourage Greens Japan to work for the cessation of nuclear power and the Trans Pacific Partnership through Japan’s National Elections

The Global Greens are strongly encouraging Greens Japan who are contesting Japan’s Upper House elections for the first time and campaigning against nuclear power and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Greens Japan have 10 candidates standing in the 121 member Upper House, whose term lasts for 6 years and half are contested alternately every three yearsThe elections on 21 July will be the first for the Upper House since the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster, and a test of Japan’s attitude to nuclear power.

Japan’s ruling Abe administration has clearly decided to re-accelerate Japan’s nuclear power development – by restarting existing nuclear power plants, building new ones, and exporting nuclear resources to Turkey, Jordan, Vietnam, among other countries. This election will show if the Japanese people have learned the lessons from Fukushima. 

The Abe government has also decided to join the secret TPP negotiations. Greens across Asia and the Americas share major concerns about this massive secretive free trade agreement and its effects on society and local economies.

Japan’s right wing parties, including the ruling and some opposition parties, have assented to the TPP while other opposition groups continue to advocate for economic growth yet without the TPP. Greens Japan offer the Japanese people a different and better future where the pursuit of happiness does not rely upon economic growth.

The Global Greens encourage Greens Japan in this election campaign, not only for the well-being of Japan but also for its worldwide implications.

07/11/2013 – 22:42


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