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Global Greens Climate Change Campaign

To: Global Greens International Secretaries and Primary Contacts,

Global warming affects everyone – and Green parties around the world are taking action on climate change from grassroots to government. From stopping government support for the fossil fuel rush to preserving our natural systems, protecting our climate is a top priority for Greens everywhere.

The Global Greens is launching a Climate Campaign in August 2014 to bring all these actions together. For the first time, we are employing two organisers – Keli Yen of Taiwan and Josh Wyndham-Kidd of Australia – to coordinate our campaign.


This project will communicate how climate change affects countries and communities around the world and what actions Greens are taking worldwide to create our sustainable future.


Our Green leadership and voice are needed this year.  The Global Greens climate campaign will convey your voice at all levels so that we together can influence and build upon the following significant events, and more:

  • September 19-23, worldwide: UN Climate Summit & People’s Climate March
    Ban Ki-moon has invited world leaders to New York to commit to concrete ways to reduce emissions, strengthen climate resilience, and mobilize political will for a meaningful legal agreement in 2015. Greens will be in New York and mobilising worldwide in The People’s Climate March, The Global Climate Convergence movements and more. Huge rallies in Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Paris, Berlin, London, Melbourne and Delhi will match with hundreds of decentralised actions that you can organise yourselves – watch for more information on those marches.
  • 15-16 November: Brisbane, Australia: G20 Leaders Summit
    G20 focuses on ways to reform & strengthen the global economy, but the Australian government wants to keep climate off the agenda. Green pressure can make sure this issue can’t be ignored.
  • 1-12 December, Lima, Peru: The UNFCCC COP20
    Christine Milne, leader of the Australian Greens is going; who else from your country will go? Let us know so we can organise a Greens movement at the UNFCCC!

These key moments in 2014 are building our movement before next year’s vital UN Climate Conference in Paris, where governments need to agree on the next stage of universal commitments to wind down the pollution that’s driving climate change. The Paris Conference will take place 30 Nov – 11 Dec 2015, and Greens everywhere will be taking action to make their governments commit to strong targets to cut pollution, and more.

Of course, the next time we’ll come together in person will be the Global Greens Congress in 2017 – imagine the successes we’ll have to celebrate then!

Campaign Objectives:

Build the momentum for ambitious and effective climate action at all levels, from local to global.

This campaign will:

  1. Build and strengthen the global network of Greens actively campaigning on climate change, to share knowledge and ideas.

  2. Demonstrate through online channels that Greens are mobilised around key climate events, especially the People’s Climate Mobilisation worldwide and the Lima COP in December.

  3. Provide an online platform to clearly communicate Green parties’ policies and actions on climate change and energy.

  4. Build the Global Greens supporter base and contact list.

Join the Campaign:

1. Contribute stories about the impact of climate change in your country & what your Green Party is doing about it, by sharing photos, videos and statements at:

2. Get in touch! Contact the Campaign Coordinators, Josh Wyndham-Kidd and Keli Yen, at, with any questions or comments you have. This campaign is yours!

3. Join the GG Climate Contact Group by writing to us at This means having a say in the day-to-day running of the campaign.

Your messages, videos and photos will be showcased on a beautiful campaign website and in a Global Greens special news edition.

Global Greens Climate Policy Priorities:

We’ve all agreed that these are our most important climate aims, and we’re taking action to make them happen.  Adapted from Dakar resolution:

  1. Phase out government support for fossil fuels 
    • End national fossil fuel subsidies, with assistance through international financial institutions, in alignment with private sector divestment.

  2. Stop deforestation and the destruction of other natural ecosystems

  3. Energy and equity for all
    • Promote renewable energy – 100% as soon as possible, and no later than 2050.
    • Help lift people out of poverty by providing modern energy services.
    • End nuclear power.

  4. Climate finance
    • Meet pledges urgently with new additional grants, not loans.

  5. Adaptation
    • Implement locally appropriate and effective adaptation measures.

  6. Post 2020 agreement
    • Enable a just transition to a safe climate by resolving the causes of climate change, inequality and poverty
    • Targets must be based on science and be consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C.

Let’s take a stand, organise a global movement and create our future – together!

08/18/2014 – 20:43


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