Global Green News – Be Green Globally: simultaneous world-wide fundraising event and Q&A session with Green leaders

The first ever ‘be green globally’ event will start on April 12th and last until the earth Day on April 22nd. Organized in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United States, it can be joined from everywhere by registering hereThe idea for “be green globally” was started by a group of Canadian Greens who wanted to do something to showcase that Greens are the only political family with a global vision, a global purpose and a global movement. They talked to their Green colleagues and this event is the result!

Be green globally is a ten-day sharing of ideas and helping to raise money for our common efforts to make the world we live in a greener, cleaner, more inclusive one for us and all those that follow us. Over the next ten days, the Be Green Globally website will be hosting a live Q&A with Green leaders, thought experiments on key themes we believe are essential for our world and other ways for you to be inspired and share your inspiring green ideas with us.

We hope this event will become a movement for green change around the world -together we can make it happen!

We are on the move, but we need your help to keep us moving forward – together we can make it happen!

Make a donation now and help us create a world where everyone is green globally – together we can make it happen!

If you are in Australia, canada, New Zealand or United State: make a donation through the Be Green Globally website. If you are anywhere else: make a donation to the Global Greens

04/11/2014 – 16:36


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