Gaza conflict: Green Party Korea statement

Israel deployed ground troops in Gaza on July 17. On this day,  the Israeli armed forces are employing military air jets and vessels to heavily bombard the Gaza Strip. Israel, equipped with immense military power, started its attack on July 8 and caused massive casualties in Palestine. As of July 17, at least 235 people were killed and nearly 2,000 residents were injured, with children suffering similarly devastating damage. Despite the international community’s criticism, Israel turned even more hard-line and stepped up its assault against Gaza.

Green Party Korea opposes any form of war. Violence only fuels more and larger violence and retribution. The international community including the UN should immediately mediate in the conflict to stop Israel’s war.

Furthermore, the Israeli government should relinquish the occupation of Palestine, construction of walls, expansion of settlements, daily surveillance and the use of non-humanitarian weapons such as white phosphorus grenade.

07/18/2014 – 00:00


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