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Enkhbat, Member of Great Khural: Not The Time For Corrupted Government Responsible For Uranium Business

Enkhbat, Member of Great Khural: Not The Time For Corrupted Government Responsible For Uranium Business

Published: JUNE 29, 2009


Leader of just society front


(Translated by Uyanga)

Our country stands up 15th in the world by its nuclear power raw material with 63000 tons of uranium recourse. Before 1990, geologists estimated that Mongolia could have 120000  tons uranium resource and if it is approved, our country will stand up 5th place in the world.

A policy for profit opportunities is gold. The stability agreement of “Boroo Gold” showed that instead of giving profit opportunities to foreigners it’s better to give this opportunities to their own citizens.

Now the Great Khural is planning to make money by selling uranium and to build industry which use energy from nuclear power.

Uranium is not a common mineral resource and if it is used wrongly it can destroy the planet. Nuclear explosion in Hiroshima as well as atomic station explosion of Chernobyl, Ukraine showed to humankind how hazardous nuclear weapon is.

Majority of the government see that policy on radioactive elements mineral resources and nuclear power should be done and uranium usage as well as prices needs to be confirmed sooner .

But the sentence “nuclear waste preservation, build preservation building” in policy document attracted my attention . About the uranium policy D.Enkhbat, a member of Great Khural has his opposite opinion about the uranium policy.

Great Khural member D.Enkhbat :In the future Mongolia could become a country where nuclear wastes are thrown to and the probability is very high.

-From the beginning, the policy of the uranium license got disordered since private individual just sells the license arbitrarily now. Without solving this problem at the first step, talking about the policy is useless. In the document are lots of dreams like how good it would be when using the energy. It is senseless to talk about the uranium policy, because deposits are researched and discovered by state budget investment and then lost to domestic and foreign business people.

-Do we need the uranium profit?

The corrupted government can’t be responsible for the uranium business. It’s not about time. We haven’t yet experienced with the uranium, we can’t even wash the cyanine. We know how the Boroo Gold made zine mineral agreement. They won nothing. Our government is like a family which sells its households due to poor condition. It’s not about the uranium, the problem is government. It’s like letting a drunken guy drive the car.

-In the uranium document there is sentence about the uranium waste preservation. What does it mean?

-There was resolution project before which allows backfilling the nuclear waste. But the project is not supported by members due to vote quit.

-But other countries take wastes?

-All countries refuse to take waste .There are a few countries which take the wastes with high payment and preserve it with high standard. Our country can’t handle even its plastic bags and wastes, so preserving the nuclear waste is impossible. The nuclear wastes pollute the surrounding for a long time. It’s more poisonous than uranium itself . The nuclear waste toxic damages human gene. Extracting the uranium and preserving the nuclear waste are two totally different things. Our country should not take the uranium raw material. Other countries have been improving their production and service more and more, so why our country purchase every valuable minerals and poison ourselves. When we follow such ways, our country will be extinct like African countries


12/31/2009 – 19:33


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