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Egypt: Urgent need to launch a national dialogue, restore democracy and reactivate the economy

Perpetrators of the brutal crackdown against Morsi supporters must be brought to justice

The Global Greens call on the Egyptian authorities to bring to justice those responsible for the brutal crackdown on Friday 26th July against supporters of ousted President Morsi, with its terrible toll of dead and injured. We call on all political factions to end the clashes on the street and on the Government to take all necessary measures to restore peace and prevent similar atrocities from happening again. Further escalation of the situation needs to be avoided in order to avert the danger of a civil war.

The Government installed by the military coup must ensure the return of a democratically elected government in the shortest possible time and work to restore peace throughout the country. Political detainees belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood including former President Morsi must be released immediately, unless there is evidence of serious crimes, and arbitrary arrests must cease. The safety of Egyptians, especially women and children, must be guaranteed. The right to peaceful protest must be upheld.

The Global Greens express their full understanding for the popular reaction against ousted President Morsi’s authoritarian government, its neoliberal inspired chaotic and consumer unfriendly economic policies, its threatening policies against the unions and the hastily adopted conservative theocratic constitution with its dominant presidential powers. In particular we express our sympathy with Egyptian women struggling for self-determination. The Morsi government failed to promote a genuine process of dialogue with the opposition and refused to calm the understandable fear of a large part of the population that gradual imposition of a theocratic regime was planned.

A military coup remains unacceptable even if it has the support of a large section of the population. The Global Greens condemn any attempt to establish a military regime or to allow military intervention in the civil political administration of the country.

Democracy must be restored without delay.

Action to create a green economy of sustainable development  and social justice must also start immediately. Egypt’s unemployment is at intolerable levels, its social protection system covers only a small part of the population and poverty is rising. Along with the restoration of democracy, it is essential that a national consultation process should take place about how to address the most urgent needs of the people. These include a fairer distribution of wealth, a national campaign to end illiteracy, an ambitious program to combat youth unemployment and mechanisms to help parents to ensure their children’s regular school attendance.

08/06/2013 – 12:02


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