To submit a formal complaint to the APGF or to request the assistance of the Conciliation Panel on an issue that risks bringing the APGF into disrepute, please submit the following information via the online form or a document to the APGF Secretariat.

  1. Name the allegation. 
  2. Name the facts pertinent to the allegations; 
  3. Name your request. If you propose a particular remedy please name the basis for it. (e.g., based on rules, protocol, Global Greens Charter, international law or norms). 
  4. Specify if the accusation is made against a party and/or a person.

The Panel will endeavor to give a fair hearing to all parties concerned and subsequently submit a recomendation for possible action to the APGF Coordination Committee.

12/23/2011 – 13:00


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