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Civil Will Green Party – Who we are

Civil Will Green Party was established in March 9th of 2000 as Civil Will Party of Mongolia and has held seat in Mongolian Parliament regularly. In our long journey  with efforts of our leaders and members, Civil Will party has became true brand of fair and transparent party for better future of Mongolia.

As a true voice of ordinary people of Mongolia, we have being vocal advocates for liberty, democracy, justice, good governance and transparency of government, for green economy, protection of environment, sustainable livelihood and responsible development for future generations.

We trust in our citizens’ wisdom for better Mongolia through transparency, unity, equality of the political system that would not divide or discriminate against any individual or group. As a first party in Mongolia to encourage non-membership participation of supporters in policy making of the party, our party platform is truly by the people for the people.

The CWGP consists of the following organizations: the National Convention which is gathered once in every year; the National Committee which consists of 200 members gathered bi-annually; the Political Council with 35 members gathered on monthly basis. The main executive organization of the party is the Secretariat under the direct management of the Secretary General.

The municipal branches of the party operate at the grassroots level. There are 6 policy committees within the party that operate in the field of Budget and Finance, Education, Environmental Protection and Green Develoment, Legal and Judicial, Foreign Relations and National Security.

Aftermath of 2012 election, we have obtained two seats in parliament and now are one of the partners in “Government For Reform”. Our long time standing leader and party chairwoman Dr.Oyun Sanjaasuren is currently serving as Minister for Green Development and Environment. Mr.Tumenjargal, Head of our youth organization is Deputy Minister for Culture, Sports and Tourism. In addition we have obtained our first ever seat in Capital City Representative’s Council.

Our main achievements upon becoming part of Mongolian Government:

  • Changing Ministry of Environment from sectorial responsibilities to upgrading status to of four main ministries as a Ministry of Environment and Green Development. This enables all government decisions to be reviewed for environmental damage and sustainable development.

  • Introduced National Policy on Green Development platform under the auspices of President of Mongolia and got approved by parliament.

  • Introduced more green policy and view into education systems.

  • Has being introducing more scientific approach to environmental issues.

Our Chairman Hon. Mrs Oyun was elected to head Environmental Assembly of UN for next term.


Profile of Civil Will Green Party of Mongolia

Full Name:

Civil Will Green Party of Mongolia


Junior Partner in Governing Coalition for Reform


Civil Will Green Party of Mongolia

Freedom Square, Orange Plaza – 606

Chingeltei District 15141, P.O.Box- 90

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


976 – 11 – 319006


976 – 11 – 319006

General party E-mail:

Party Website:

Party Leader:

Co-Chair Hon. Oyun Sanjaasuren, Minister for Environment and Green Development of Mongolia

Co-Chair Hon. Demberel Sambuu, Member of Parliament, Chairman of Mongolian Chamber of Commerce

Co-Chair Mr. Enkhbat Dangaasuren

Tel: +976-11-323645

Party Secretary General:

Ganbat Tseepil, Secretary General of CWGP


International Officer:

Gan-Ochir Zunduisuren, Secretary for Foreign Relations of CWGP


Head of Secretariat

Daramdorj Damdinsuren

976 – 11 – 319006

976 – 99108464

03/04/2015 – 15:02


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