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China should accept Taiwan as sovereign nation

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF), the federation of Green parties in the region, appeals to China to consider Taiwan as a sovereign nation, and work with the island country with sincerity to reduce geopolitical risks.

Despite complicated history, Taiwan’s 23 million people now overwhelmingly support Taiwan’s own sovereignty, prefer the status quo, and are against China’s attempts of annexation.

The APGF wishes to remind Taiwan that it considers the nation as a sovereign one, and this has been the strongest reason to hold the APGF Congress in the country in 2010. Also, the APGF is in favour of the United Nations granting the status of full statehood to Taiwan.

The APGF is of the opinion that an extended crisis in the Taiwan Strait, a significant thoroughfare for global trade, will have major implications for international supply chains at a time when the world is already facing disruptions and uncertainty in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In fact, the recent actions of China have already disrupted flights and shipping in the region crucial to global supply chains, prompting strong condemnation from the US, Japan and other countries. This will also affect the IT industry as Taiwan is a crucial provider of computer chips for the global economy, including China’s high-tech sectors.

The APGF calls upon Beijing to show utmost restraint as it has the capacity to inflict enormous disruption to global trade flows.

The APGF also notes with concern that China has reaffirmed its threat to use military force to bring self-governing Taiwan under its control, amid Chinese military exercises that have raised tension to the highest level in years. Beijing has even extended the ongoing exercises without announcing when they will end.

China says the threatening moves were prompted by a visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Through its manoeuvres, China has pushed closer to Taiwan’s borders and might be seeking to establish a “new normal” in which it could eventually control access to the island’s ports and airspace. Taiwan, however, says such visits are routine and that China used Pelosi’s trip merely as a pretext to up its threats.

The APGF thinks that the Chinese military drills reflect ambitions to control large swaths of the western Pacific. It also seems that Beijing’s strategy would include controlling the East and South China seas via the Taiwan Strait and imposing a blockade to prevent countries from aiding Taiwan in the event of an attack.

The APGF also advises Taiwan to continue refraining from taking active counter-measures.

The APGF strives to create a Green political network in the Asia-Pacific region, and we value human rights, sustainability, and democracy. Thus, we strongly oppose any military action in the region. We cannot afford to suspend cooperation in the light of these economic, environmental and social risks, which will disproportionately impact the developing world. Therefore, Beijing should show restraint, and minimise disruption to global trade flows and positive environmental action.


Authorised by Ayah Abdouny, co-Convenor, Asia-Pacific Greens Federation


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