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Central Kalimantan Peatland Charter

Peatland Chapter 

Peat Resources Is Our Life Blood and Breath

Today is Saturday the 4th of December 2010, we gathered from various corners of the villages are located in Central Kalimantan peatland areas in the People’s Meeting agenda to declare CHARTER OF PEAT Central Kalimantan, where the peat resource is our blood and breath.

Behold, our blood flowing peat resources and generation for centuries as a process of creating technology and knowledge, skills and ability to manage rubber, rattan gardens, garden Purun, pantung gardens, indigenous forests, rivers, chisel, Handil, beje, lake provide benefits to education, health, culture have boundaries that protect the sovereignty and independence of our rights to maintain turf areas remain stable.

The presence of mega development projects PLG 1.4 million hectares, have contributed to the destruction of peat, a violation of the rights of indigenous peoples, social conflict and long-term misery for 82,000 people in 77 village residents. Tribulation has not been completed, the government issued a re-development policy of conservation area covering 377,000 hectares, 360,000 hectares of oil palm plantations, which in practice to displace and eliminate the rights of indigenous peoples.

The issue of climate change which is the fruit of the failure of developed countries to benchmark local government issued a policy that of indigenous people, the Governor Regulation No. 52/2008 was a violation of basic social rights of people to get enough food, policy KFCP Climate Project (Kalimantan Forest Climate Partnership), REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) covering 120,000 hectares in the area of indigenous rights in 14 villages / hamlets which have the status of governance into the protected area directly would eliminate the right of people to natural resources.

The struggle of indigenous peoples to the point of the peak to reach safety, prosperity and peace for the rights of petak danum plots in the area of customs union on the basis of natural boundaries customarily adopted by consensus at the village. This struggle will deliver the future of indigenous independence gate over sovereignty rights of the peat resources, an independent, sovereign united, just and prosperous to protect all our generation is free from colonialism, exploitation oppression, ignorance, injustice, based on:

1.Indigenous peoples in peatland areas will still be maintaining the sustainability of peatlands for future generations, by upholding the concept of management based on knowledge and wisdom of local people made on the basis of unity that comes from outside threats, either directly or indirectly.

2.We still run our lives with populist economic activists from the results of the natural resources sustainably and sustainable, facilitate capacity building skills, community skills, fostering good health and respect for customary law and other legal rules, and with humility to contribute solutions to the global climate crisis with ways; protect indigenous forests covering an area of 200,000 hectares, doing reforestation and rehabilitation of the land area of 98,000 hectares with a total 77 million trees. Spread over 20 villages along the Kapuas river basin, involving as many as 3100 families, 24,000 souls and believes the local wisdom of Central Kalimantan.

3.We urge developed countries do Forum COP 16 Cancun – Mexico in 2010 immediately reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) without burdening the developing countries including Indonesia and Indigenous peoples in the district and subdistrict Timpah Mantangai Central Kalimantan, because it is a violation of our rights over free and sovereign nation.

4. We urge the Indonesian delegation which met on climate change forum in Cancun, Mexico in 2010 to halt negotiations with the climate change framework that does not recognize the rights and sovereignty of local communities in project KFCP in Kapuas regency of Indonesia in particular and generally that is part of the project -Project on Climate Change

5. We urge the government of SBY – Boediono and Local Government – to immediately unplug and stop licensing for large investment in oil palm plantations, mining, polluting factories, dirty technologies from developed countries – that displace people’s rights, polluting sources water, air and disturb the health of people, especially women and children in Indonesia.

6. Peat resource management is a right and our duty, as a sovereign indigenous peoples based on local laws (customary law), are part of sovereignty history an independent nation, free from all forms of colonialism, whether conducted by the Government of Indonesia on behalf of itself and foreign projects on Climate Change – REDD.

Kuala Kapuas, 4 Desember 2010

Kami peserta temu rakyat yang bertandatangan Atas Piagam Gambut Kalimantan Tengah

Thus we declare the charter script where peat resources are our life blood and breath.

Kuala Kapuas 4 December 2010 Our participants met the people who signed of Central Kalimantan peat charter:

Agus (Sebangau), Hengky (Kereng Bangkirai), Budi (Kereng Bangkirai), Udeng (Desa Tumbang Nusa), Yuliati (Desa Pantai), During ( Desa Pantai), Siti Aisah ( Desa Mantangai Hulu), Jainudin ( Desa Patai), Johan Ardi ( Desa Pantai), P.Doto ( Desa Sei Jaya), Sumiadi.M ( Desa Sei Jaya), Vira Tunjung ( Desa Sei Jaya), Kanisius.B (Desa Katunjung), Andes Ilas ( Desa Katunjung), Ardianson ( Desa katunjung), Susundoro (Kameluh Baru), Saripudin (Dusun Talekung Punei), Anwar. J, (Dusun Talekung Punei, Sakalik (Desa Sei Ahas), A. Aini. DA (Desa Katimpun), Yanmar ( Desa Kalumpang), Maza Gatis (Desa Kalumpang), Bangun Aspar (Desa Mantangai Hulu), Nanang ( Desa Katimpun), Suka (Desa Sei Ahas), Akhlimer ( Desa Kalumpang), Didin (Desa Sei Ahas), Basri. HD ( Desa Mantangai Hulu), M. Imam Hambali ( Desa MAntangai Hulu), Rdie.A (Desa Pulau Kaladan), Karti (Desa Pulau Kaladan), Uben ( Desa Basarang), Misran (Desa Basarang), Imam Taufik ( Tumbang Mangkutup), Suriansyah ( Desa Katunjung), Siga. E Saman (Tumbang Mangkutup), Supiyan (Desa Jabiren), Margu. A. Sani ( Desa Jabiren), Rustam Efendy (Desa Mantangai Tengah), Musie (Desa Mantangai Tengah), Sumardi ( Desa Mantangai Tengah), Tuhas ( Desa Mantangai Tengah), Yunes ( Desa Mahajandau), Januadi (Desa Mahajandau), Yahya Eday ( BLH Kapuas), Asmuri ( Kapuas), Ikhwan (Kapuas), Alpian (Kapuas), Arief (Kapuas), Abdul Hamid ( Desa Katunjung), Koesnadi.WS (Bogor), Hanni Adiati (Jakarta), April Perlindungan (Kapuas), Muliadi, SE (Kapuas), Eka Dewi Sinta (Kapuas), Desy (Kapuas), Evi Lestari (Kapuas), Norhadie Karben ( Desa Mantangai Hulu).


12/04/2010 – 00:00


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