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Briefing on Key Attendees of April 29, Press Conference


Kamanaka Hitomi (鎌仲瞳,Documentary Film Director)

Mr. Hitomi joined the documentary production following his graduation from college. His master piece “Exploded, the End of the World” produced in 2003 won him several awards. “Villager’s Rhapsody”is a documentary produced in 2006, depicting the eco habitat of local residents of Rokkasho-Mura, Aomori Prefecture, Japan in a nuclear waste recycling plant. This May, his latest piece, “Flapping Wings of the Bees and Spinning Earth” will be released. The film illustrates the 28-year long anti-nuclear movement against nuclear power plant off Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan, promoting the concept of a sustainable society and the Swedish society which is committed to actively developing renewable energy.

Matsuya Kiyoshi (松谷清, Green Future, Operations Committee Member – Member of Shizuoka Prefecture)

Born in 1951, Niigata Prefecture; a dropout from the Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University in 1975; worked his way up to the position of Civil Service Secretary for “The center of a thinking community” in 1979; first elected City Council of Shizuoka Prefecture in 1985 and was subsequently re-elected three times, marking a political career spanning over 12 years. He later emerged as a joint representative of “Rainbow and a List of 500 Greens’ Movement” (predecessor of the Green Future) following his defeat in the re-election as a City Council. He was also present at The First Asia-Pacific Greens Conference in 2005 (Kyoto) as a coalition representative.

Inamura Kazumi (稲村和美, Coalition Representative of Green Future. Member of Hyogo Council)

Born in 1972; enrolled as a law student at the Kobe University in 1992. She volunteered and founded the “Kobe University Comprehensive Volunteer Center” when the 1995 earthquake Great Hanshin hit. In 1996, she came in contact with citizen lawmakers while working on policies in support of the earthquake victims. She then served at a security company following her graduation from the law School of Kobe University in 1998, responsible for personnel reform projects, and left in 2002. Mrs. Kazumi was elected Member of Hyogo Prefecture in 2003 and is currently in her second term.

Miyazawa Keisuke (宮澤圭輔, Green Future, Operations Committee Member – Member of Shizuoka City)

Born in 1978, he went to Indonesia after graduated from a Shizuoka high school in 1997. The Indonesian experience paved the way for his journey in search of “true prosperity of mankind.” In 2000, he embarked on a tour exploring the nature of Australia. When traveling to a indigenous sacred land in 2001, he met a group of Australian aborigines who prompted his quest for seeking the meaning of “human dignity.” Between 2003 and 2004 shortly after returning to his homeland, he attempted a self-sufficient living on a Japanese outlying island Tanegashima Island. He later resumed school in Shizuoka University in 2005, studying solar power and energy policies, and managed to win an award with a paper which was published on campus. Mr. Keisuke was elected Shizuoka city council in 2009.


Tsui Shu-Hsin (崔愫欣, Documentary Film Director and Environmental Activist)

Pan Han-Sheng (潘翰聲,Convener of Green Party Taiwan)

Chen J. L. (陳炯霖, Japan’s No Nukes Asia Forum (NNAF) / Chinese-Japanese Translation and Interpreting)

His initial contact with anti-nuclear movement began in 2006 while he was studying in Japan, and since then has been enthusiastic about the social issues concerning both Taiwan and Japan. He is currently working as a Chinese and Japanese translator/interpreter for the No Nukes Asia Forum.

Translated by Emerald Chang

05/05/2010 – 10:36


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