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Australia’s Greens, Labor parties seal political deal

Australia’s Labor Party and the minority Greens have signed a deal which they say would ensure stability for Labor in Government.

The agreement includes having referenda about recognising Indigenous people and local government in the constitution.

It also involves a full parliamentary debate on having troops in Afghanistan and a cross-party committee on climate change to put a price on carbon.

There would also be a parliamentary integrity commissioner and a budget office.

The Greens leader, Bob Brown says his party has agreed to back a Labor Government.

“I spoke with Mr Abbott last night, he told me that he would attack any agreement that we signed up on,” he said.

“I said that’s his right. I reminded him that he may well be the Prime Minister next week although we favor Julia Gillard leading the next Government of Australia and are working to that end. ”

09/01/2010 – 12:00


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