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Australian House of Representatives votes to support the Clean Energy Future bills

Australian House of Representatives votes to support the Clean Energy Future bills

Spokesperson Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Adam Bandt MP

Wednesday 12th October 2011, 11:35am

The House of Representatives vote to support the Clean Energy Future bills negotiated by the Greens, the government and independent MPs is a vital step towards tackling the climate crisis and building a cleaner, healthier Australia.

The bills, negotiated through the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee as a result of the Greens’ agreement to support the Gillard Government, will now move to the Senate where they will be debated and voted on in November before coming into effect on July 1 next year.

This is a historic day and we’re looking forward to the legislation’s passage through the Senate. The greening of Australia is well under way.

“Today is a victory for the voters of Australia and the negotiation process led by Christine Milne, ably assisted by Adam Bandt,” said Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown.

We are taking the first vital steps in tackling the crisis, protecting this remarkable and unique planet of ours for future generations, and building a cleaner, healthier, vibrant Australia for all of us.

Greens MP and spokesperson on Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Adam Bandt, said “The voters of Melbourne made this historic achievement possible. By voting Green, they kick started action on climate change.

These bills are only a start and much remains to be done, both here in Australia and in global negotiations, but the package has been designed specifically so it can be strengthened over time, with annual opportunities to lift our ambition, increase our targets and invest more in clean, renewable energy than in dirty old energy.

Once the bills pass the Senate next month, the next step is the global climate meeting in Durban in December, where Australia’s decision to put a price on pollution and invest in renewable energy will make a big impact.

Global climate negotiations need a shot of optimism, and what we have achieved here in Australia can deliver that and help build momentum towards an ambitious, science-based climate treaty in the years ahead.  – see media conference video

10/12/2011 – 12:00


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