Asia Pacific Greens meet with Australian Greens reps

Greens International Aid and Development spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon will host a delegation from the Asia Pacific Greens (APG) study tour at her office this evening.

The delegation is made up of 22 delegates from 11 countries: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Lebanon.

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation is a federation of national Green parties from countries in Asia and Oceania, as well as other social and environmental organisations.

The Asia Pacific Greens Australian Study Tour are in Sydney between May 15 and May 26, to exchange ideas and Greens organising approaches with the Australian Greens. The tour comes after the Asia Pacific Greens Congress in June 2015, where 130 representatives from 17 Greens Parties gathered in Wellington to discuss common issues and strengthen the foundations of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation.

Greens spokesperson for international aid and development Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to share ideas, stories and knowledge with our friends and neighbours from the Asia Pacific Greens.

“The Australian Greens and the Asia-Pacific Greens share a commitment, as all Global Greens do, to the principles of social justice, non-violence, sustainability, ecological wisdom, respect for diversity and participatory democracy.

“We also share many common goals. The current global disobedience movement Break Free is a great example of the power of international solidarity in the struggle for action on climate change. Earlier this month in Newcastle at the coal port mass civil disobedience action it was inspiring to watch the Pacific Climate Warriors stand side by side with First Nation’s peoples and non-Indigenous Australians, calling for an end to coal exports and for proper action on climate change.

“This year’s May budget saw another $224 cut from our overseas aid budget, driving it down to 0.22 per cent of Gross National Income. It has never been this low. Tonight we will talk about the need to rebuild our aid program, and help countries in the Asia-Pacific region manage the impacts of climate change.

06/18/2016 – 06:00


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