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APGN 2010 Pre-Congress Event: Taiwan Public Forum “Tree Hugging for Environmental Justice”

At the end of February 2009, defenders of the old camphor trees on the site of the Old Songshan Tobacco Factory launched Taiwan’s first tree hugging movement. After being forced to relocate the old camphor unfortunately did not receive proper care and died within six months. In the past year of successes and frustrations, Taiwan’s “Protect the Trees” movement is gradually finding its way. We hope that this meeting gives fellow tree huggers a chance to meet, share experiences, and grow.

Indian physicist Vandana Shiva, a member of the tree hugging movement, promotes ecological feminism and has established a seed bank to support small farmers, protect genetic diversity, and promote food security. She will be a keynote speaker during a one day seminar presented as part of the second Asia Pacific Greens Network Congress being held in Taiwan 30 April – 2 May 2010 (APGN 2010 see our website for details The conference will also host 150 other environmental and social activists from the Asian Pacific Region as well as 250 people from local advocacy groups.

For those of us in Taiwan that have had enough of watching the poor treatment of her trees and other “Others”, this conference represents an opportunity to show the world the vigor of our green movement and a chance to learn from others and gain international support. We invite all those concerned about environmental, economic and social justice in Taiwan (including her trees) to join us at this first in a series of APGŃ 2010 related events.

Time: Sunday 31 January 2010, 1:00-5:00pm
Place: Taipei County, Tucheng Old Munitions Depot, Teacher Liu’s Natural Classroom (MRT Tucheng Station Exit 2)– a fifteen minute walk
Discussion Format: Open space forum (Equal participation and sharing of knowledge for all)
On-site Event Contact: APGN 2010 Project Secretary Li Ying-Hsuan (Email:, phone: 0932-319-949)

Map and Instructions for how to get there:

Tucheng Old Munitions Depot and Teacher Liu's Classroom Map

The best way to get to Li-lan’s (Teacher Liu) place is to take the blue line metro to Tucheng (next to last stop). Come out exit 2, cross the street running parallel to the metro, to the right of a temple is a street Ho Ping Rd. You will go past some security guards who will only bother you if you look like you don’t know where you are going – just smile and wave. Continue under the No 2 Expy and follow this map. It takes about twenty minutes to walk and there are markers along the way. If you get lost or need pick up call Li-lan at 0937-462-904. The full name and address in Chinese: 劉老師自然教室土城市和平路111號

Please sign-up here to join us in Tucheng to participate in this forum.

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