APGF Study Tour 2016



The main objective of APGF study tour was to share knowledge and experience within Participants from different countries having different experience and to meet with Australian Green to observe their activities and to learn from their skills and experiences.


Arrived at hotel and had a get together with all members, introduced each other and had dinner with Michelle (International Development Coordinator Australian Greens)

1st Day

Day Started with Excursion and Introductory Session on the study tour accompanied by Michelle Sheather Australian Greens International Development Coordinator and Dr Stewart Jackson, former National Convenor for the Greens and Sydney University academic specialising in Asia Pacific.

D:study tour pix20160518_115853.jpg

Meeting with local government Manly Greens Councilor, Cathy Griffin at Manly – examining local issues, effectiveness on government committees, and working in an area where the government is the majority of the vote.

Also met with two strong candidates Calara and Mike hall, the whole group mingled with them and shared different experiences.

2nd Day

Started with the meeting at UTS, Michelle has shared objectives and did a briefly introduction of all members,

Je Leong NSW State MLA: Member for Newtown inner Sydney electorate running a successful campaign elected with 45% of the vote to state parliament, she has shared about her role and experience of being elected.

Dr Stewart Jackson, Lecturer Department of Government and International Relations, Sydney University, former Convenor Australian Greens.has discussed on constitution, values and how to keep party functional and how to choose strong candidates who can be a good party leader, party supports are very important they are backbone of party and also said keep your all members accountable in party.

Rochelle Porteous, former Greens Mayor of Leichhardt (3 times), Greens New South Wales (NSW) community organizer, Sydney is the state capital of NSW, Leichardt is a local government area within Sydney, she has done a very interactive session and involved everyone in public speaking session to clear the gaps.

D:study tour pix20160517_143014.jpg

Jananie JanarthanaNSW Community organizer and Sarah Fernandez NSW Young Greens representative: outreach to key community sectors, and the Young Greens.They both have shared young greens campaigns in the end different participants have asked questions regarding young greens campaigns

Country Presentation:

Anita Nautiyal from India has delivered a brief presentation and replied questions asked from team.

Ade Indriani Zuchri from Indonesia delivered her country presentation.

Day 3

Brett Constable, Australian Greens National Manager started day with sharing Processes and systems that keep the Australian Greens going, he has shared background, challenges and overview of organization, he also played a video showing the story of Greens, he also shared the organ gram  of Greens, in the end of the session Mr. Liaquat Ali (Chairman Pakistan Green Party + Co convener APGF) presented him Ajrak from Pakistan.

Country Presentation:

  • Japan, Rikiya Adachi
  • Lebanon, Najah Jaroush
  • Mongolia, Deeg Delantai

Moved to Reception at Senator Lee Rhiannon’s office at 72 Campbell St. Surry Hills

Other participants were also invited there including Members of Parliament.  Senator Lee Rhiannon is the federal parliament representative in the Upper House (Senate) from the state of NSW.  Her portfolio includes Overseas Development. She is seeking her second term for election on July 2nd this year. She met with whole members and appreciated APGF efforts for study tour.

Day 4:

New South Wale Parliament House

Jamie Parker Member Legislative Assembly for Balmain – running an election campaign NSW, he has shared his life time experience with Greens and the efforts he has taken for the public of NSW.

Lesa De Leau, media officer for Jamie Parker – Share  media strategy, press, social media, online methods of promoting candidates.

Jess McColl, Campaigns Director for Richard Di Natale (federal parliamentary leader of the Australian Greens), research, design and messaging for this election campaign at a national level plus Jess’s own experiences of winning seats in an election campaign.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, juggling many portfolios including Environment, Multiculturalism, Transport, Roads and Ports, Status of Women and Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence, she has briefly talked about women issues and shared that there is 17 to 18 % salary gap, women is given less salary than men.

After that we had a dinner gathering at Venna restaurant where local greens has also joined us.

Day 5

Visited new campaign office for Grayndler at Leichardt.

Emma Bacon campaign manager, current campaign office in a key federal election seat for Sydney and nationally she has briefly introduced the methods and different ways of campaigns.

Then moved to NSW office where James Ryan – overall campaign coordinator has oriented about campaigns and Lauren Moore the office Manager NWS has welcomed all APGF delegates and given them some IEC materialD:study tour pix20160520_164511.jpg

Country Presenations:

  • Nepal, Ballav Timalsina
  • Pakistan: Saima Gul

Day 6

APGF delegates moved to Byron Bay reached there and met with Jan Barham, MLC member of Upper House NSW, Shadow Minister North Coast, and first Greens Mayor for Byron Shire (2008-12).

Sea level rise example and how the local Council addresses it (or not). Jan also provides an historic background on the Greens in Northern NSW.

She joined us there and we went to Beach and all team members enjoyed day.

D:study tour pix20160521_162131.jpg

Day 7

We met with Dawn Walker candidate for Richmond NSW on the July 2 federal election.D:study tour pix20160522_130410.jpg

Mullumbimby regional electorate office for Northern Rivers Greens:She has shared the Lessons from past and upcoming election campaigns – How to come back from a defeat. The Greens almost won this seat in the last election ands and now gearing up for the July 2 election. After that we moved to Protester Rainforest where Ian and Payam has joined us and told us about the history of falls, then we moved to Community Center where Penny MP, Simon (Mayor) and Jan Barham MLC welcomed us and it was great get together and experience sharing activity.

Day 8

Byron lighthouse – Delta Kay senior woman Arakwal spokesperson, indigenous land use agreement (Burn Bay Council cooperated) she has briefly shared the history of aboriginal people by giving different examples.

Tamara Smith, MP for Ballina: She has welcomed and shared her experience that How she won the seat of Ballina; Report back on the recent Women’s conference in Samoa.

Country Presentations:

  • Philippines: Guia
  • Taiwan, Dora Tsai
  • Solomon Islands, Ernest Kelly and Helen

Day 9

Negotiation and conflict resolution skills workshop by Carol Perry, a professional conflict resolution consultant, on keeping your party united and on track.

D:study tour pix20160524_092431.jpg

Carol has worked for over 30 years in this field, including with the Greens and Lock the Gate coalition (opposing coal seam gas). Carol has taken session on conflict resolution step by step and involved all participants. Pam Ditton from Byron Bay Greens has also joined there; Saima Gul has presented her Pakistani Traditional Shawl.

Country Presentation By Andrew Kutapae PNG.

Feedback Session

Michelle has facilitated feedback session and asked 3 best things which everybody will implement in their own country it was a great exercise and all has shared their different experience and learning and everybody filled a feedback form and handed over them.

E:study tour pixDSC02490.JPG

Mr. Liaquat Ali (Co convener APGF) has paid thanks to all for their good contribution and Australian Greens and IDC for facilitation and support.

Key Learning’s:

  • Came to know the history of Greens Politics
  • Here I found the real examples of Democracy even a common man can go and directly meet with MP/ or any senator.
  • Young Greens strong coordination and networking at local level
  • Time Punctuality at every moment
  • Dignity and respect to all individual without discriminatory behavior
  • Continue Campaigns for your candidate not just before election but after election too  

Study Tour Participants Feedback

Deeg _ mongalia

  1. Australian greens Constitution green party
  2. Community out reach
  3. Skilled members

RIkiya   Japan

  1. Conflict resolution session
  2. Action campaigns local activities
  3. Local govt. issues/ challenges

Guia – Philippines

  1. Long campaigners
  2. What a campaign should be!!
  3. Conflict management to be replicated in my party

Bob – Australia

  1. Improve in local campaign

Ade- Indonesia

  1. Conflict resolution – reduce conflict
  2. Women network In Indonesia
  3. Developed Module  for Green Village Development by Landscape
  4. Organized and campaign design
  5. Module for Green Political School

Saima – Pakistan

  1. Positive use of social media
  2. Conflict resolution in our party
  3. Strengthen young greens at Pakistan

Helen – Solomon Island

  1. Organize meeting  with the existing organisation
  2. Re strengthen  the green party
  3. Awareness of social issues

Sheelu – NEPAL

  1. Political scenario of 11 countries
  2. Share experience of study tour
  3. Plan campaigns, build up volunteer skill/ leadership

Ballav  – Nepal

  1. Value of volunteering to build party
  2. Local government represents to build party
  3. Techniques – phone banking , door knocking

Zahrul – Indonesia

  1. Organizing  the all program study tour
  2. Public speaking skill
  3. Strategic Campaign (Online)

Suresh – India

  1. I have deeper understanding of green politics. I find the Australian Greens are very organized, ethical, committee and skilled. My three jobs back home are:
  2. (1) Organized and systematic party office and party organisation,
  3. (2) fund raising, and
  4. (3) Evolving media strategies and campaigns.

Najah – Lebanon

  1. Al management horizontal instead hierarchy
  2. Write petition
  3. Low cost campaigning door knocking, phone banking, one to one meeting and build volunteer system, data collection

Nikki – Japan

  1. Explore and discuss possibilities for youth growth in Japan
  2. Develop own facilitating skill
  3. Help to deepen and utilize connection with international allies and support network (GG & APGF)

Dora – Taiwan

  1. More connection with other countries stronger
  2. More resource from Taiwan connect with network
  3. Build volunteers skills and leadership

Kiko – Philippines

  1. Australian greens practice internal democracy (practicing the grassroots democracy)
  2. Manage conflict with present government
  3. Review our commitment to the regional network and to the global network

Andrew – Papua New Guinea

  1. Membership campaign
  2. Fund raising activities
  3. Climate change issue – action

Nazarullah – Pakistan

  1. Country presentation was informative
  2. Policy planning and public out reach
  3. Strong campaigning , low cost – door knocking – phone banking
  4. Youth wing to be strengthen

Ernest – Solomon Island

  1. Eye opener inspiring activity
  2. Membership campaign- stake holder convention to attract more members
  3. 2018 election – develop campaign strategies
  4. Women empowering in politics

Robin – Taiwan

  1. Coordination between federal and local
  2. Handbook on  APGF for  Taiwan Greens – three organizational issues and three substantive issues for each country
  3. Formulate questions how to formulate the right question in a disputed issue
  4. 20 to 25 percent of budget might go IT expenditures for a party (NSW Greens example)

Daniel – Indonesia

  1. Full member of APGF
  2. Share material for adaptations, sharing it through social media
  3. Systematically set up of party

Bat Bayar – Mongolia

  1. Greens  ideology
  2. Protect nature and environment
  3. More contacts / any kind of / between  party ‘s

Anita – India

  1. Door knocking
  2. Phone banking and emails
  3. Organized party office

Liaquat Pakistan

  1. Visual , slogans, digital media, messaging
  2. Connected with community – continuous is connectivity
  3. Campaigns is soul , wisdom – focused for 1 member in parliament trigger for change


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