APGF Statement on COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world, our choices as people, communities, and countries will shape both how we come through this crisis and what future we will create. The Asia Pacific Greens Federation, like its member parties, encourages everyone to make choices that keep themselves and others safe. This is particularly true for those whose decisions can significantly affect the lives of others, whether in business, support services, and government. Humanity will emerge from this crisis in time. We believe that the choices made today can and should empower the world to emerge stronger than before, guided by the principles of social justice, non-violence, respect for diversity, participatory democracy, sustainability, and ecological wisdom.

The global response to COVID-19 has highlighted the fundamental role of government to ensure health and safety. It is incumbent upon governments to ensure that all people, and especially the most marginalized, have an equitable chance of survival and support. Similarly, all people should have equitable access to the means for a dignified life, both now and in the future. These necessities include, but extend beyond, access to healthcare. sanitation and clean water, to acceptable housing, safe and sustainable livelihoods, and many other basic needs, will dramatically affect individuals’ and whole communities’ resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The crisis has also demonstrated the necessity and value of international cooperation. The work of the World Health Organisation and Pan-American Health Organisation, together with health departments, researchers, the United Nations, multi-lateral funding bodies, and others have shown what is possible when we work together. Sharing of information, technology, lessons and experiences from this and previous global crises have enabled many countries to avoid the worst of the pandemic so far.

The values we strengthen and promote during this time of crisis will lay the foundation for the future. The decisions we and our leaders take now – promoting compassion, support, cooperation, and resilience – will be necessary in the years ahead. The degree of international coordination and political will now focused on halting and reversing the COVID-19 pandemic will also be required to address the climate emergency and other new threats. Demonstrating our values in the choices we make, at the global, national, community, and individual level, will shape our future capabilities.

As we confront this challenge together, remember the power you hold, and remember the future we are building together. Our vision of a world where we protect, respect and support each other and our planet is one we can work towards every day, including today. Together, we will create a just future for all of us.

Please maintain social distance and safety guidelines to keep yourself safe.

– Authorised by Tika Bhandari and Snigdha Tiwari, APGF co-Convenors, on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation

03/31/2020 – 14:03


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