APGF Statement in Support of Iraqi People

The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation stands in solidarity with the Iraqi people as their peaceful demonstrations are met with violence from authorities, including the use of tear gas, boiling water and snipers.  This brutal crackdown is a flagrant violation of the human rights of those protesting.

 People from all aspects of Iraqi society have come together to decry corruption, a lack of job opportunities and basic services, and to call for impartial elections.  These people have legitimate demands and they should not be met with violence from the Iraqi state.

 The Asia Pacific Greens Federation condemns the abuses perpetrated against the protestors and is deeply saddened by the deaths and injuries. We, through the Green Party of Iraq, call on the Iraqi Government to immediately cease its human rights violations.

 We urge all global citizens, civil society organisations, human rights institutions, international organisations, green parties and political movements to extend their solidarity and support to the Iraqi people’s movement.

– Authorised by Tika Bhandari and Snigdha Tiwari, APGF co-Convenors, on behalf of the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation

11/13/2019 – 04:07


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