Activate, Cultivate & Turn-over: ACT from Taiwan

This is a critical moment for Taiwan as we prepare for local elections this November 29, 2014, there’s however been significant silence among parties about important environmental issues such as climate change, sustainable energy and economy.

In response, The Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC), along with the PCM-Taiwan team, including Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens, lauches a “Vote for Climate” campaign, urging and supervising candidates’ propositions on climate change.

The team is also preparing to throw a musical flashmob on Sep 21st, as a kick off, in response to the international mobilization on climate issue. We sincerely invite all concerned citizens, dear friends and beloved families and those who care for climate change to this cause!

To bring greater attention to the environment, we will join hand-in-hand with youths in collges and local environmental groups, throwing events with creativity, so as to serve as a platform for communication and resources, to increase the environmental awareness toward climate change of our citizens and push the candidates to take climate actions for a better future.

We aim to “A.C.T.” on 3 goals:

  • “Activate” – With the spread of decentralized actions, we will be able to draw public attention to climate issues and to activate citizens’ awareness to vote for a pro-environmental candidate.

  • “Cultivate” – Motivate youth-based societies, grassroot groups among universities as well as local groups to be focalizing contact points for the long-term climate fight.

  • “Turn-over” – After spreading the messages and raising the awareness of the public, we can have more access to influencing the policy-making for candidates toward both mitigation and adaptation.

Feel like join in or follow up? Please sign up for our Taipei event and follow us on Facebook!

Actions in Taiwan:

  • Taipei (20th) 1000+ audience will hold PCM cards together
  • Taipei (21st) – Vote For Climate March & Flash Mob (pre-PCM demo Video)
  • Taichung (21st) – Energy & No Nuke March
  • Tainan (21st) – Taiwan Ocean Documentary event

09/20/2014 – 07:48


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