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365 days for women, not just one day: UKPP, India

By: Suresh Nautiyal & Anita Nautiyal

The Uttarakhand Parivartan Party (UKPP) believes that the women are as integral and as important as the men are to a society as all humans are equal and no human is superior or inferior to other human. At the same time, UKPP is aware of the social, economic and political realities across the globe and knows fully well that in several societies, including the Indian society, women still are not treated on equal footing.

Also, they face male dominance or inequality, discrimination, humiliation, and torture in different forms and at various levels. They do not command as much respect as men do. Besides, they do not have the power to fight the social, economic, cultural and religious biases.  

UKPP wants to change this tragic situation. This is why party’s ideology, perspectives and thoughts are motivated and guided by the principles of equality at all levels including social, cultural, religious, economic and political. The party believes that no party or individual needs to create separate structures for women, within an organisation, if they are treated on an equal footing.

As regards the BBC film on the infamous Delhi rape case (Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case), wherein one of the accused was interviewed, UKPP feels that the film-maker should not have given a chance to him as it showed a very pathetic aspect of the diseased male psyche and did not contribute anything positively to the society. Instead of giving such a person a chance to speak out, he should have been provided with medical care to fix his psychological disorder.

UKPP is of the opinion that the society has the responsibility to overcome the stereotypes and change the dogmatic thinking about the women. UKPP believes the environment can change fast if women are allowed to participate in all spheres of life with equity and respect. Therefore, the party wants not just a single day for women in a year. It wants that all 365 days in a year belong to the women!

03/08/2015 – 11:04


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