2nd Conference of the Asia-Pacific Greens Network (APGN) Ready to Kickoff

April 28, 2010

In Pursuit of Fair Share in Responsibilities while Tackling Climate Change

The 2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN 2010), the first large-scale international green conference to be held in Taiwan, will convene April 30th and May 2nd at the Tienmu Convention Center. Environmentalists and representatives of local and overseas NGOs are among the invited participants. “Fair Share” is the main theme of the APGN 2010 conference, and stresses the importance of equal access to public resources and the responsibility of each and every one of us for living sustainably. Highlights of the conference agenda includes reviewing the post-Copenhagen strategies around the world. Hosting and facilitating an international climate effort of such importance is also expected to have profound implications for Taiwan.

The Conference will be officially opened by Convener of Green Party Taiwan, Pan Han-Sheng and Australian Senator Bob Brown, founder of the Australian Greens. Indigenous Bunun Tribe from the mountainous region of central Taiwan in Nantou will be performing their native polyphonic chant-prayer to bring the participants in tune with the natural environment, while “Open Space” technology will be adopted with a view to providing an interactive/ participatory platform as well as covering a diverse range of subject matters.

Day 2 of the conference will be highlighted by the 3 keynote speeches delivered by  Prime Minister of Tuvalu — Apisai Ielemia, environmental activist and founder of Navdanya – Dr. Vandana Shiva, and Senator Bob Brown.

Delegates from around 8 countries — New Zealand, Japan, Pakistan, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Micronesia will be debating at the Climate Change forum in search of coping strategies and defining action plans.

Day 3 marks the day of the official conference. Voting for the members of the Asia-Pacific Network Coordinating Committee, fine tuning the Congress’ “Fair Share” declaration and planning for the next Global Greens Conference and the next 5-Year Plan will top the agenda.

In addition, there will be two unofficial symposiums on April 29th – APYGN (Asia-Pacific Young Greens Network) intended for those environmentally aware individuals under the age of 35, and first ever APQGN (Asia-Pacific Queer Greens Network) comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds.

More than a hundred foreign participants from the 5 continents around the world have registered for the event, including 12 representatives from New Zealand and Australia, 45 from Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, China and Hong Kong, 16 from India, Tibetan Government in Exile, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, 24 from Indonesia and the Philippines, 8 from Tuvalu, Micronesia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, 8 from Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and Nigeria. Over 50 local NGOs have also signed up to participate in the 3-day event.

The organizing committee warmly welcomes members of the media to report on the symposium between April 29th and May 2nd.

APGN Conference Organizing Committee:

Green Party, Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens, the Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, the CP Yen Foundation and Pristine Communications.

Media Contact: Tsui Shu-Hsin at 0939-121981 or Pan Han-Sheng at 0935-295815

Translated by Emerald Chang

05/05/2010 – 11:35


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