2010 International Focus: Taiwan Selected to Host 2nd Congress of Asia Pacific Greens Network

As 2009 came to a close, the whole world was paying dear attention to the concurrent closing of the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. After days of summit talks, neither effective consensus nor concrete actions were reached due in large part to the participating countries’ conflicting interests. The international community, with Asian countries in particular, aim in forthcoming climate talks to improve collaboration in grappling with the continued rapid deterioration of climate conditions, monitoring carbon emissions from high polluting nation-states and leveraging Asia’s role as an influential global force.

In 2010, Taipei, Taiwan will be host to Green Organizers show Global Greens core values Parties and environmental groups from around the world for attendance to the 2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network (APGN). Environmental, political, and social issues of specific import to the Asia Pacific will be on the table. Delegates from more than 20 countries in the region as well as Europe and the Americas, including parliamentarians, city council members, and representatives from environmental and social groups are expected to attend.

The journey to winning the APGN committee’s affirmation for Taiwan to host the 2010 Congress began back in May 2008 when delegates from the Taiwan Friends of the Global Greens, Taiwan Green Party, and more than ten Taiwanese civic groups collaborated in representing Taiwan at the 2nd Global Greens Conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil (held May 2008). These delegates successfully raised Taiwan’s voice on the international stage and through active participation in conference proceedings left a lasting positive impression on the Global Greens network as a whole. Due to these rigorous efforts, one year later, the Taiwan delegation is granted the privilege of being host to this year’s 2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network.

The Global Greens Network includes the four Close-up of organizers speaking to media.regional Green communities of Europe, Americas, Africa, and the Asia Pacific; and participants to the APGN Congress include Green parties, environmental as well as social activist groups. As one of the founding members of the APGN, the Taiwan Green Party has participated in the building of international relationships and growing international awareness of Taiwan’s importance to global environmental issues. Hosting an international conference in Taiwan is hoped to inspire both public and private organizations to gain greater experience and momentum for ongoing efforts to make Taiwan a platform for Green alliances in the Asia Pacific.

The APGN 2010 Organizing Committee has designed this to be a different kind of international conference. Unconventional elements of this conference includes: 1) The application of Green ecology principles in the entire conference preparation and process, realizing a low carbon conference ideal; and 2) Combining Open Space Technology and World Café participatory and interaction processes into the conference program. Experiencing engaged democracy, diversity, and co-creation of conference contents by the participants themselves by in part bringing together Taiwan’s nonprofit communities and corporate enterprises to mutually develop a “Green Conference” and through participant’s interactions promote Green conferencing culture across the Asia Pacific region.

At the end of 2009, a press conference was held to announce 4/30~5/2 as the official APGN 2010 Congress dates. Starting April 2010 a series of environmental activities and public discussions will kick off the run-up to the Congress. The Organizing Committee would like to announce the two Keynote Speakers: Bob Brown, internationally renown environmentalist, Senator of the Australian Senate and Australia Green Party Chairman; and Vandana Shiva, recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize) and eco-feminist from India. The 2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network Organizing Committee invites you to attend and participate in this historic event.

12/22/2009 – 19:48


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