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Why the Global Greens Political Party Network is Important

Article written for the Green Party of Sweden's magazine Grönt.

One of the strong messages to come out of the Global Greens Conference  in Liverpool is that politics must catch up with the reality of our planet. Just as the Earth's ecosystems are interdependent and don't stop or start at national or regional borders so too Green politics must mimic nature in the way we organise. It is now time to Think and Act Globally and Locally at the same time.

We must organise globally as an interdependent Green political system driving transformation and collaborating to solve problems regardless of which Parliament from which we speak.

Just as the Earth needs it most, the Green Party is ideally placed to do it. We now have reach into ninety countries around the world through the Global Greens. We are the  only global political party based on the same principles of ecology, social justice, peace and non violence and participatory democracy in the world today. We now have a fledgling Global Greens network which enables us to work together if we strengthen it and use it.

That gives us extraordinary capacity to influence outcomes for the better if we harness that power. Our job is to stabilise the Earth's systems in the Anthropocene regardless of where we live.  Just as the political parties and corporations  which are destroying biodiversity, driving deforestation  and driving global warming through oil, gas and coal exploitation are multinational, so are we and it is our job to hold them to account.

Imagine how empowering it would be for Greens everywhere to have Greens in Parliaments across the planet all focussing on a climate campaign and calling for an increase in ambition at the same time. Imagine asking questions on several continents about how export credit agencies or Government owned corporations in their own countries are funding biodiversity loss or driving global warming in other  parts of the world. But to do it we need to have all Green parties committed to working together beyond our countries or regions.

The Swedish Greens are already on board supporting the Global Greens and we are grateful as I have no doubt that our power is greater than the sum of our parts. Building a secretariat and networks of supporters is critical to our efforts. If you would like to help, join Friends of the Global Greens (FROGG) and become a global political activist.

Christine Milne
Global Greens Ambassador
Former Senator and Leader of the Australian Greens Party

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