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Press Release - COP25 closes without enough ambition: "there must be consequences for the obstructors of climate action"



15 December 2019

Following two weeks of negotiations the 25th UN climate conference (COP25) in Madrid came to a close on Sunday morning. The new co-chairs of the European Green Party both attended the conference, and said the following upon its conclusion:

"The insufficient climate policies from around the world do not even come close to the ambition needed to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. This must lead to consequences with regards to the trade talks that the EU is currently having with some of the biggest obstructors of climate action."

Co-chair Evelyne Huytebroeck said: 

"The world is still heading towards more than 3 degrees of warming. Nothing has changed during this COP in that regard. The gap between what science tells us, what citizens demand, and what politicians are delivering is enormous.

"Rules for the trade of CO2 dominated discussions in Madrid. The fact that trade with CO2 certificates must to lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions was not secured shows just how poor the outcome of COP25 is! Not even the old and untrustworthy “Kyoto” CO2 credits system seems to have been scrapped. Brazil and Australia are among the major obstructors in this regard, and this cannot go without consequences for the EU's trade negotiations with both countries.

"Negotiators have now been tasked to conclude the rules by June of 2020. Even if no deal today is better than a bad deal, it demonstrates that important decisions have, once again, been postponed."

Co-chair Thomas Waitz added: 

"The EU must to do everything in its power to push all of the states that obstruct the COP process to finally sign up to concrete action, rather than risking the health of the world's climate for short term profit. 

"I see COP26 in Glasgow next year as the very last chance to deliver: the Paris Agreement states that countries must submit stricter national climate plans every five years, so that has to be delivered.

"All eyes are on China and the EU. They will have to set the tone. A big EU-China summit will take place in September next year, just before COP26 in Glasgow. That is when the EU will have to be ready to hit the nail on the head.

"The EU must show ambition and take leadership on climate issues. This will be an opportunity to demonstrate that the European Green Deal is not just a statement of intention but rather an instrument for taking action in the coming months."


European Green Party
Rue Wiertz 31, 1050 Brussels, Belgium


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