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Greens take on key roles in Brussels government



19 July 2019

Belgian Green parties are set to enter into a coalition government in Brussels after a cross-party deal was reached.

Reacting to the results, the European Green Party co-chairs Reinhard Bütkofer and Monica Frassoni said:

“We congratulate the Belgian Green parties Ecolo and Groen in Brussels who will be entering into government as part of a cross-party coalition. 

“Greens will take on three key roles in government. Ecolo’s Alain Maron will become Environment and Climate Minister and Barbara Trachte - also at Ecolo - will be Secretary of State for Economic Transition and Research.  Groen’s Elke Van den Brandt will take on the mobility and public works portfolio.  

“Among the priorities outlined by the Belgian Greens will be setting ambitious climate targets, a massive insulation plan for public and private buildings, a 2030 strategy for a circular economic model, a more integrated social health policy and an environmental alliance to enhance green and sustainable job creation. They will also initiate a drive to improve public transport and increase green public spaces. 

“We are confident the Belgian Greens will take this opportunity as part of a governing coalition to bring about a just and sustainable transformation of one of Europe’s great cities.  This is yet another example of how Greens have been solidifying their position in many European countries as an effective and competent actor in government.”


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