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A Global Greens Climate Action Working Group Campaign

Governments around the world are preparing for the following two major international meetings that will determine the fate of the Paris Agreement climate commitments: the UN Climate Action Summit (23 Sept 2019) & COP25 (2-13 Dec 2019). We need to take action now to ensure our governments increase their ambition and make strong commitments that will keep global heating well below 2°C, possibly 1.5°(see IPCC report here).

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The Campaign 

As Green political activists, it's our responsibility to increase public awareness of these upcoming meetings and the decisions being made right now by governments all around the world. To increase awareness, we're asking you to post a video/photo and statement on your social media of choice using the hashtags #ClimateActionNow #GlobalGreens #ClimateActionSummit. Please tag @GlobalGreens and be as creative as you like! Tag as many relevant politicians in your post as you can - try and get them to respond and state their commitments publicly! 

We've come up with some questions and examples that might help inspire you below:  

  • Why is there a need for more ambitious climate action in your country/city/community? 
  • What action are you asking your government / representative to take?
  • Which climate action are you taking and why should government match your commitment? 


  • Droughts are killing our harvests! We have to act now!#ClimateActionNow, #GlobalGreens, #ClimateActionSummit
  • I want you to put a price on carbon! #ClimateActionNow, #GlobalGreens, #ClimateActionSummit
  • We are in a climate emergency. We will develop a plan for making Berlin carbon neutral by 2035 @NYCMayor what will you do? #ClimateActionNow, #GlobalGreens, #ClimateActionSummit


The global climate crisis is accelerating. We have to act now to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement and to keep global heating well below 2°C, possibly 1.5°C. The Paris Agreement is built on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to cut GHG emissions and includes a mechanism that requires countries to increase their NDCs every 5 years. Current NDCs are leading us to more than 3C global warming by the end of this century. By 2020 all countries must submit more ambitious NDCs. Bold political leadership and climate action is needed now to assure all countries meet their commitments and deliver on time.

The UN will host two major meetings in 2019:  

  1. The UN Climate Action Summit, 23 September 2019, in New York City. UN Secretary General Guterres has invited heads of State to increase their political ambition for climate action
  2. COP25, 2-13 December 2019, in Santiago, Chile - countries will continue preparations for ensuring their NDCs meet required targets for 2020.

As Governments prepare for these two major meetings, the global community must keep up the pressure to ensure they increase their ambition by updating their NDCs to keep global heating well below 2°C, possibly 1.5°C.  What are leaders in government, business and civil society doing to take #ClimateActionNow?  

If you would like to receive updates about this campaign and further info about the Global Greens Climate Action Working Group please add your details below. 
For more information about the Climate Action Working Group please read this interview https://www.globalgreens.org/news/climate-change-momentum-conversation 


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