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The Green Wave across Europe will come to East Asia


The European Parliament election, which lasted from 23rd to 26th in May, is over. Although the ballot-counting is still underway, European Greens are expected to gain 18 extra compared to their existing 52 seats, which will lead to a total of 70 seats


Forêt de Kua : Un parti écologiste écrit au Président du Faso

Burkina Faso’s Rassemblement Des Ecologistes du Burkina Faso. RDEBF eloquently calls on the President to protect the important Kua Forest from development financed by Chinese investment - “The RDEBF, aware of the important role of forests in the preservation of the health of populations and their well-being, remains convinced that the protection of the environment is the only pledge of development of our dear country. Nature does not belong to any one person, we all have the duty to protect it to leave it beautiful, rich and diversified for future generations. Thus we appeal to your high sense of collective well-being and in accordance with the vision you have given us to see to put an end to this ecological drift. Your Excellency, your responsibility is highly committed to handling this issue and will be a strong signal to the younger generation. And as the writer and statesman Vaclav Havel so aptly said, "When it comes to responsibility, the most interesting thing is that we wear it wherever we are. It means that it belongs to us, that we must face it, here and now ... ". In this sense, Excellency, this interpellation remains the most peaceful form that we ecologists, lovers and environmentalists have found to draw your attention to the need to act to save this forest. However, in case of unsatisfaction, we will be forced to join other forms of demands alongside other social forces so that the Kua forest regains its peace.”

Mobilising Expat Votes for the European Election 2019

On May 23-26, citizens of 27 countries will go to the polls to elect 705 Members of European Parliament.


Greens Japan Interview 2019

11 March 2019 is the 8th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown disaster. Greens Japan tells us in this interview about how It’s going for the Greens in Japan now. Watch the video for a touching personal story about what it;s like to live in Fukushima in 2011 and today.

COP24 Webinar

At COP24 - the United Nations meeting on climate change held in Katowice, Poland in December 2018 - Greens activists, elected representatives and 7 Global Greens Delegates were busy using whatever means they could to push for an actionable global agreement to keep the world from warming beyond 1.5 degrees celsius Above 1990 levels.  COP24 focused on how exactly countries will hold each other accountable to reducing emissions at the scale and speed needed to stay below 1.5C.


Greens surge across Europe as centre-left flounders

Greens Movement increasingly appeals to voters frustrated with traditional mainstream parties

Élections communales 2018: une vague verte a déferlé sur Bruxelles et la Wallonie

Ce dimanche, une vague verte a déferlé dans toute la Wallonie et à Bruxelles ! Le signal envoyé par les citoyens et les citoyennes au cours de ces élections communales 2018 est clair et fort : ils veulent une alternative. Et ils ont choisi Ecolo.

Nous voulons apporter des réponses à la crise climatique.

Nous voulons assainir la politique.

Nous voulons relier et relayer davantage les citoyens et les citoyennes.

Nous voulons la politique autrement, avec des mandataires qui se consacrent à 100 % à leur mandat.


Webinar - The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice

"The impact of militarism & capitalism on environmental justice: How can the Greens use a peace-oriented security policy to achieve a demilitarised world?" A Global Greens webinar in collaboration with Green Party United States

Democratic Green Party entry into Rwandan Parliament

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda receives 5% in the parliamentary elections of 3 September 2018 which has enabled the party to enter the Rwandan Parliament for the next five-year term (2018-2023).

Greens Abroad Meetup in London

Expats, let's get organised and influential for elections of the 100 Green parties globally - and the 2019 European elections! Welcome to the First Meet-up of Greens Abroad in London!


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