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No equity, if sustainability threatened

By Suresh Nautiyal


Scars of development

By: Suresh Nautiyal


Promoting Ecological Democracy in South-North Cooperation

Re-thinking the relationship between Southern and Northern civil societies in enhancing ecological democracy: A case of South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy


Uttarakhand: The Need for a Comprehensive Eco-strategy

  • Paper compiled by: Suresh Nautiyal
  • For the Seminar on Uttarakhand Issues
  • Organised by: Centre for the Study of Developing Societies

Agenda for the new state of Uttarakhand

By Suresh Nautiyal

A people with a satisfactory literacy rate of over 70 per cent, a good percentage of them with higher education, do not deserve for themselves the impoverished conditions just because they are placed in a difficult topography and are compelled to bear the hostile geographic characteristics.



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