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Green Party Korea 2020 Election results

South Korea held its general elections during the past month. It was the first election after the voting age was lowered to 18 and an improvement was made to the electoral system, increasing proportional representation - both of which were achievements we had fought hard for. It was also the first time our party carried out the She Will Run project, officially launched a year before election day. Hearing of exciting results from many of you around the world and with attention to the climate crisis on the rise (although we still stand far from where we should be), our hopes for this election was also growing.

(Webinar) Global Health politics in times of the COVID-19 pandemic...and beyond

Global Health politics have rarely received as much attention as right now. Could states have cooperated better and earlier? Which role did and does the WHO play? How can we support countries with a weaker health system? Join us for an expert led webinar to discuss what lessons we can take away for Global Health from this pandemic. Register Via GoToMeeting:

What's next for Hong Kong? The future of Hong Kong's fight for democracy

Join German Green Member of the European Parliament Mr Reinhard Bütikofer who is hosting a webinar "What's next for Hong Kong? The future of Hong Kong's fight for democracy." Mr Bütikofer has invited two prominent Hong Kong democrats to discuss the developments: Martin Lee, an 81-year old barrister, who was deeply involved in formulating Hong Kong's Basic Law and has been dubbed the "Father of Hong Kong Democracy" and Alan Leong, also a barrister, as well as a candidate for the Chief Executive's Office in 2007, LegCo member from 2004 until 2016, and is Chairman of the Civic party that gained 32 from 452 seats (which is 20 more since the last elections) in the District elections.

A Resilient Europe: Building a Recovery for All

More than ever, people in Europe and everywhere understand that with solidarity and cooperation we can over-come the COVID-19 crisis. Together, we can make another European and global future, one that is more socially, economically and environmentally resilient. The question to all of us is: what world do we want to return to? Read on for the European Greens Recovery Paper. Read more here -

Human rights violations by the separatist regime of the Republic of Moldova

On March 17, 2020, the self-proclaimed administration of the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova declared state of emergency and imposed drastic quarantine related to COVID-19 throughout the illegally occupied territory. Since the establishment of the state of emergency, the Tiraspol separatist authorities are permanently restricting the rights of the people in the region. As a result of these restrictions, citizens from the villages under the jurisdiction of legal authorities from Chisinau, are forbidden access to their agricultural land and access to other privately own legal assets.

Colombia: Step by step single-use plastics will be gone!

During 2020 we aim to spread our #OrgulloVerde (#EcoPride) philosophy nationwide for environmental protection . To achieve this goal, our elected councilors are advocating agreements for the prohibition of single-use plastics in public procurement.

APGFWN Webinar - The many facets of being a woman parliamentarian: Senator for Australian Greens, Senator Mehreen Faruqi

Senator for Australian Greens - The many facets of being a woman parliamentarian

Senator Mehreen Faruqi 

Webinar Date: 4th June, 2020 6 am UTC

Dr Mehreen Faruqi is the Senator in the Australian parliament representing the state of New South Wales. The first Muslim woman elected to any Australian parliament, Senator Faruqi is a career engineer and life-long activist for social and environmental justice.


Green Party Korea Position Paper - COVID 19

Ecological destruction and factory farming: The development of the coronavirus can be attributed to climate change, indiscriminate exploitation of wild animals, and loss of habitats due to aggressive construction and development, which caused the habitats of humans to coincide with that of bats. The shift to a single species to increase production has formed a condition that is vulnerable to the spread of infectious diseases. Together, ecological destruction and close breeding in factory farms is building an environment that is exposed to the periodic outbreak of zoonotic diseases.

The Asia Pacific Greens Federation - COVID-19

The global response to COVID-19 has highlighted the fundamental role of government to ensure health and safety. It is incumbent upon governments to ensure that all people, and especially the most marginalized, have an equitable chance of survival and support.


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