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Call of African Greens Federation for solidarity with Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi after Cyclone Idai

On March 14, Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique very hard, followed by Zimbabwe and Malawi, which left more than 5,000 dead and 1,200 missing. With heavy losses of lives and immense material damage, cyclone Idai left hundreds of thousands of homeless people, who are prone to hunger and diseases.

Global Greens call for meaningful climate action - press release

The most progressive countries working in this COP are those that have been formed with Greens in their governments. Ministers of climate, energy and environment from Sweden, New Zealand, and Luxembourg are playing prominent roles at this COP and are Green Party members. Greens note that those governments pushing back on climate action are the same ones who increasingly reject immigration, stoke fear of the “other,” and ignore the need for social justice and eradication of poverty. “In this, Greens are also united in demanding social justice, human rights and meeting the needs of the many,” said Dorothy Nalubega, of the Global and Uganda Greens.

Combating Climate Change is fighting for women's rights

You all are Cordially Invited to the Webinar.

Lets inspire each other and meet women from all over the world by participating in the Webinar.

Hope to see you all there!


Introducing the new Global Greens Convenors!

The Global Greens Coordination is pleased to announce the election of Keli Yen as GG Convenor and Ram Ouedraogo as GG Co-Convenor!

Global Greens and EGP Congress launch! 30 March to 02 April 2017

For the first time ever, the Global Greens and the European Green Party will hold their congresses together! This extraordinary event also includes the Global Young Greens congress, the Green Party of England and Wales spring convention, an abundance of workshops and seminars on political themes important to Greens, and enormous fun with new and long-time friends from across the globe! Join us for this unique event in Liverpool, UK, from 30 March to 2 April 2017.

Global Greens estamos comprometidos con la aplicación del Acuerdo de París

Nota de prensa de Global Greens

Con motivo de la firma del Acuerdo de París

Nueva York, 21 de abril de 2016


Déclaration conjointe des Verts mondiaux à l’occasion de la cérémonie de signature de l’Accord de Paris

Les partis écologiques du monde entier demeurent fermement unis et mobilisés dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques et dans la mise en œuvre de l’Accord de Paris, dont le plan d'action vise à contenir le réchauffement mondial largement en dessous de 2°C et à poursuivre les efforts pour limiter la hausse des températures à 1,5°C.

PRESS RELEASE: Ska Keller and José Bové will lead the Greens in their European election campaign

Ska Keller (Germany) and José Bové (France) have been selected to lead the Greens in their upcoming European election campaign. The two are the winners of the historic Green Primary, the first ever Europe-wide open online process to select leading candidates for the European elections. Ska Keller and José Bové will be the figureheads of the third common Green European campaign, and lead the united Green parties of Europe in spreading the message that we can and will bring the change that EU so desperately needs.

Global Greens mourn Nelson Mandela

The Global Greens express their deep sadness at the death of Nelson Mandela, a great humanitarian, freedom fighter and peacemaker. We join the people of South Africa and the world over in mourning Nelson Mandela but also in celebrating his life and the inspiration he has given to so many.

Congress 2012: Call for Proposals

The Global Greens Coordination (GGC) is calling for ideas and proposals from all sections of the Global Greens family to help prepare for the third Global Greens Congress, the first in Africa.



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