Gender Equity Trainings

APGF’s Gender Equity trainings empower women to fight for equality and their rights. In their homes, workplaces, and societies, women are too often dismissed, overlooked, and held back by patriarchal oppression. APGF’s Gender Equity trainings are an invaluable tool to push back; to focus on the strategies, tactics and solidarity women can use to fight for fairness. 

–   Anita Nautiyal, former APGF Convenor and  APGF Gender Equity Trainer

United by their commitment to gender equity in their parties, organisations and societies, the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network has championed and implemented trainings on Gender Equity across the Asia-Pacific region. 

Patriarchy is an oppression that limits the collective and individual capabilities of us all and we believe that a better future is possible.

Since 2019, the Gender Equity project has empowered the next generation of women leaders to effectively advocate for their rights, as well as create, and deploy, political strategies to improve women’s representation and leadership in policy and in practice. 

More than 53 emerging women leaders have been trained across our region – and we’re only getting started. With another four trainings planned, 80 more women will participate in this programme. We have big plans because we know that gender equity is critical in building a fair and sustainable world. 

Through their participation, these women have defined a bold vision to bring about genuine change. In the next 2 years, they will implement campaigns and policies aiming to reach 50% representation of women in their party membership through to the highest decision-making bodies in their parties. They will actively challenge discriminatory attitudes and portrayals of women in their communities and workplaces. And they will pursue change in their societies, not just by being on the right side of history, but by being effective.  What’s more, their leadership will benefit us all.

This year, APGF is taking the Gender Equity training program to the next level. In March, 17 women from Bangladesh, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Mongolia, and South Korea attended our first Gender Equity Train-the-Trainers’ event. The knowledge and skills they learned will be multiplied as they organise and deliver Gender Equity trainings in their own countries. APGF now has a strong pool of 20 Gender Equity trainers advocating for change and empowering others to advocate for their rights.

Later this year, our Women’s Network will further upskill its members through an Advanced Gender Equity training to further build our capacity, skills and power to fight for equality and justice. 

Together, we will win our fight for equal rights, and APGF’s Gender Equity trainings are a key tool in building our success. 

We would like to thank the Australian Greens International Development Committee for their continued support of APGF’s Gender Equity training program, and hope that others will join and support our work building the future women deserve.

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