UN climate talks and the EU’s role

UN climate talks (COP20 in Lima) – Plenary debate – vote Wednesday 26th November 2014

With this year’s UN climate summit just around the corner, MEPs adopted a resolution Wednesday focusing on the EU’s position. As the recent US-China deal again confirmed, the EU risks getting left behind in the UN climate talks, as a result of its intransigence on its climate policies. The Greens supported the call to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050 but believe the EU needs to be much more ambitious as regards its 2030 climate policy if it is to play a leadership role at the key UN climate summit in Paris in 2015. We must have an ambitious, binding international climate agreement that abides by the scientific evidence on what is necessary to limit warming to 2°C.

Further information
Terhi Lehtonen – Advisor on the Environmental issues – [email protected]
Delphine Chalençon – Climate campaigner – [email protected]

11/29/2014 – 06:49


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