More destructive landslide danger ahead?

Environmentalists warned yesterday that Nantou County could see its very own “Siaolin” disaster as land in mountainous areas has been heavily exploited by tea farmers and developers.

Green Party Taiwan said it visited mountainous areas in Nantou earlier this month and found farmers growing tea illegally near the Jhuoshe Forest Trail (卓社林道).

Furthermore, while the government only allows the felling of trees on about two hectares of the Jhuoshuei River area’s 41st forest, satellite images show that an area 10 times bigger has been exploited.

Green Party Taiwan secretary-general Leo Chang (張宏林) said that the 41st forest land was located in the catchment area of the Sun Moon Lake Reservoir where Article 10 of the Forest Act (森林法) bans any development.

For the full article, see: Groups issue warning over Nantou

04/15/2010 – 19:18


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