Global Greens say climate action leadership at UN Summit is vital

Greens around the world join global day of action on 21 September

The Global Greens call on the world’s leaders to commit personally at the UN Climate Summit to tackling climate change with the urgency and boldness needed to avoid catastrophic global warming.

The UN Climate Summit in New York on 23 September is the first big event on the road to the UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Paris in December 2015 where a binding global climate agreement is due to be completed.

With just 15 months to the Paris COP, it’s time for governments to state what actions they are taking at home and to signal their preparedness to make public commitments (binding) not just contributions (voluntary) towards a global agreement by March 2015.

The test is whether the sum of the commitments made by the world’s governments will be big enough to avoid dangerous climate change; so far the gap is huge.

Atmospheric greenhouse gas pollution reached a record high in 2013 according to the World Meteorological Organisation underlining the urgency for the world to change direction.

The world needs action not words.

Greens around the world will be organizing and joining events on Sunday 21 September in solidarity with the ‘people’s climate march’ in New York and working in the future for as long as it takes to solve the problem of global warming.

The Global Greens call for:

  1. Phase out government support for fossil fuels

  2. Stop deforestation and degradation of natural forests and other natural ecosystems

  3. Energy and equity for all through shifting to 100% renewable energy, lifting people out of energy poverty and ending nuclear power

  4. Climate finance, meeting pledges urgently with new additional grants not loans

  5. Locally appropriate adaptation measures through Green Economy policies enabling the systemic changes needed for a sustainable, resilient and prosperous society.

  6. Binding global post-2020 agreement in Paris in 2015 with targets based on science and consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C.

09/17/2014 – 14:00


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