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Green Party of Lebanon statement about Beirut Port Explosion / حزب الخضر : ان الاوان لمحاسبة الفاسدين والمقصرين والمستهترين بارواح اللبنانيين

The Green Party of Lebanon’s statement about the Beirut Port explosion on 4 August 2020: وطنية - اعتبر حزب الخضر اللبناني في بيان ان "الإنفجار الذي حصل في مرفا بيروت و حصد المئات من الجرحى والآلاف من الضحايا والمفقودين وألحق دمار كليا وجزئيا في الممتلكات العامة والأبنية والمنازل والمؤسسات في بيروت ومحيطها وحرم الكثيرين من جنى العمر، وكذلك العاملين في مرفا بيروت والشركات المحيطه وأدى الى تلويث للهواء بالدخان السام الذي خلفه الحريق والانفجار كل ذالك نتيجة الاهمال والاستهتار بسلامة اللبنانيين وسؤ الادارة والفساد وعدم مراعاة شروط السلامة العامة هذا كله جعل العاصمة بيروت

Green Party Korea 2020 Election results

South Korea held its general elections during the past month. It was the first election after the voting age was lowered to 18 and an improvement was made to the electoral system, increasing proportional representation - both of which were achievements we had fought hard for. It was also the first time our party carried out the She Will Run project, officially launched a year before election day. Hearing of exciting results from many of you around the world and with attention to the climate crisis on the rise (although we still stand far from where we should be), our hopes for this election was also growing.

Statement in support of Iraq

Statement in support of Iraq

12 November 2019

The Asia Pacific Greens Federation stands in solidarity with the Iraqi people as their peaceful demonstrations are met with violence from authorities, including the use of tear gas, boiling water and snipers. This brutal crackdown is a flagrant violation of the human rights of those protesting.


“She Will Run” - Korea Green's Women Candidate Campaign

Green Party Korea's women candidate incubating campaign "She Will Run" is receiving great attention - it is a year-long candidate training program to systematically create politicians who will represent the Greens and reach the political front as a candidate in the general election to be held on 15 April 2020. The training includes practical campaigning techniques such as how to effectively narrow down political messages, develop a campaign image, deliver a speech, articulate in a debate, link one's story to policy and effectively communicate it to voters, and how to organize an election camp and cooperate with team members.

Green conferencing that’s climate smart

The 5th Global Greens congress will be held jointly with the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) and hosted by Green Party Korea in Seoul, July 2021. We want to have a climate-smart congress by enabling participation without traveling long distance! We’re envisioning congress discussions held by Greens locally and with global input and interactions facilitated by internet-based collaboration tools. This article features The Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand’s (GPANZ) successful experience using online conferencing with delegates across the country to deliberate and decide on their government coalition agreement!

Global issues at the National Conference

In a world where everything is interconnected, we mustn't lose sight of global issues at our National Conferences.

By Viv Glance, Australian Greens International Secretary and Convenor of our Global Issues Working Group.

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Green Party Korea 2018 Local Election Report

From Feminist Seoul Mayor to Jeju Governor with No Development

“I am a Feminist Candidate for Seoul Mayor.” (Shin, Ji-ye candidate for Seoul Mayor)

“Let’s Vote for our Dream! No Development, Yes Basic Income! (Go, Eun-young candidate for Jeju Island Governor)


The Practice of Green Politics: an Asia Pacific Greens Webinar with Christine Milne

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Global Greens Webinar in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Greens Women's Network

What is Green politics? 

Why join the Green party and not another party?

How to practice Green ideology when conflicts arise within the party?

What's distinctive about Green leadership?


Korean Feminist candidate fares well in Seoul mayoral race despite opposition

Green Party candidate Shin Ji-ye who ran on a platform of feminism and the protection of animal rights surprised voters after finishing fourth in this year’s heavily contested Seoul mayor’s race. The feminist candidate won over 80,000 votes, according to the National Election Commission, fending off competition from the likes of left-wing candidate Kim Jong-min from the Justice Party. Shin is thought to be the first candidate in South Korea’s political history to openly run on a feminist platform.

India Greens Introduction by Party Convenor Suresh Nautiyal

The seeds of India Greens (pan-India Green party) were sown in a meeting on 2nd of July 2017 in New Delhi. More than 40 people from 17 Indian states came together to express that they needed a Green party in the country. They knew for sure that there was an urgent need for a Green party in the era of globalisation, marketisation and climate change. And due to this, they were aspiring for last several years to found this party. There were attempts in the past which nonetheless failed, but provided a solid basis.



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