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Youth Self-employment Campaign in Nepal

In the absence of strong employment mechanism, Nepalese youths are under the state of limbo regarding the job opportunities whereabouts and whatabouts. Neither the government has a concrete plan & policy to stave off the chalenges in coming days, as a result, about 1.5 thousand youths are flying abroad in search of job everyday. In this context, a group of youth  has started “Youth Self-employment Campaign” to make young people skillful and Self-employed through Agricultural entrepreneurship. MJ Jha, National Coordinator of the campaign shares his experience with “Agro-Times” correspondent. Excerpts:

Why Youth Self-employment Campaign?

At one hand, most of the larger industries are in the verge of collapse because of continuous strike & disturbances made by the workers union affilated to different political parties. Due to unstable politics, state is unable to recognize and utilize local resources to create new employment opportunities either, as a result, 38.8 percent of yoth are unemployed and the number is increasing day by day. On the other hand, everyday, about 1.5 thousand Nepalese youths are draining in the international labor market as a talent at low cost. Escaping of productive youth in such a huge number would lack required labour in the local Agriculture and other industry and leads to hinder the growth of national economy. Considering all these facts we started this campaign to make youth skillful and resourceful for the future security & prosperity of our Nation.

Who will be receiving the advantages from this campaign?

According to the report of Youth Survey of Nepal-2012, which stated that 85.6 percent of the surveyed youth were interested in starting their own venture. Among them, Youths, who has an start up idea do not have access to necessary resources and other inputs. Youths, who has  access to the required resources lack proper idea & skills to execute it. Most of the youth have started up an agro business without proper knowledge, information, idea & skills has resulted in failure. Thus, youth who are willing to start up their own venture by using local resources will be receiving the advantages form this campaign.

What type of efforts youths are receiving from this campaign?

This campaign is facilitating youth to have proper Knowledge, Idea, Skill, Information, Required resources and Linkage with market & financial institution to enable them for sustainable agricultural entrepreneurship.

Is there any support from the Government to operate this campaign?

No! We are running this campaign by the support of Young entrepreneurs, well-wishers and the volunteers.

Any messages to the youths?

We, the youth should feel responsible to our motherland. Let’s perform the dignity of labor. Let’s be self-employed, let’s make our country prosperious and live with dignity.

11/02/2014 – 00:00

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