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Sea Butterfly. Pearl in a vinegar bottle

By Stafford Ray

This little guy is only 1cm long, but he is a vital link in the chain that feeds billions of people.

He is eaten by fish that eat other fish and we eat them. He goes, people starve.

Sea Butterfly.

Tallest cathedrals

rest on a grain of sand,

Sharing the load

across its billions.

Mightiest oceans

rest on a butterfly

Giving its body

to succour humanity.

Scientists (who study these things) are screaming in the wilderness, that unless we stop carbon dioxide emissions forthwith, this tiny Sea Butterfly and thousands of like species will go the way of the dodo.

How? Like the story of the string of pearls in the vinegar bottle, their little calcium carbonate exoskeletons are melting. As oceans take up 80% of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide, sea water is becoming too acidic for them. To save our food chain; zero emissions now.

Coal: Nature’s hazardous waste dump.

08/28/2014 – 14:02

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