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Ms Kazumi Inamura elected the City Mayor of Amagasaki – the first Green Mayor in Japan!

Dear young Greens,

This is Shuji from Japan Greens. As I predicted some weeks ago, I will be able to send you a wonderful news today !

On Sunday, November 21st, Ms Kazumi Inamura, the former co-spokesperson of Greens Japan (Midori no Mirai) was elected the City Mayor of Amagasaki, West Japan with wonderful election results.

So this will be the birth of the first Green Mayor in Japan.

For the city mayoral election of Amagasaki, held on Sunday, was running 4 candidates but Ms Inamura overwhelmed the other three, gained 54.3 percent votes and won the election.

She appealed to the people that she promise to succeed to the former city mayor’s policy and vision of participatory democracy and information disclosure as well as budget reform. She also wants to add her own Green and sustainable vision or policies to them.

Ms. Kazumi Inamura made a splended speech in Global Greens 2008 in Sao Paulo, and had been female co-spokesperson of Greens Japan for several years from its founding.

She also participated in the 1st and 2nd Asia Pacific Greens Network Conference.

At the same time, she was reported to be the youngest female city mayor in Japan’s history. (born in 1972, 38 years old) The City of Amagasaki is one of the big cities in West Japan, has approx. 460, 000 residents, located between Kobe and Osaka.

Report: Shuji Imamoto (Asia Pacific Greens Network)

11/23/2010 – 00:33

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