LIMA – GG Secretary’s first week at the COP20

We are already on the 5th day of the Summit. Until now only technical decisions have been taken, like the election of the COP20 President (Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Peru’s Environment Minister), the adoption of the agenda and the acceptance of observer organizations.

This week, the Summit is of an essentially technical nature. Most political leaders have not arrived yet in spite of the glamorous and dramatic opening of the Summit and most media are therefore waiting until next week to focus on the event.

What has been done so far?  Several working groups held meetings to draft and debate different reports (such as CMP, SBI, SBSTA or ADP).

Inevitably, as in any environmental Summit of this sort, there are numerous waste disposal points scattered across the premises, like the four waste bins, each marked with a different colour for a specific type of waste. Everything looks clean and spotless. Perfect and coherent… until the cleaning staff pour all their contents in the same black bag… I wonder if the results of the speeches that we have heard so far will end up like those colour bins: spotless, yet empty.

Outside the Summit venue we have seen the most interesting things happening in Lima: there have been events like the “Voices for the Climate” conference, a space for intercultural dialogue where informal meetings give a real meaning to speeches and where there is maximum scepticism towards the results to be obtained in this Summit.

The real summit begins next Tuesday with the arrival of distinguished guests. They have on their shoulders the words and smoke of previous climate meetings, but also the responsibility and the capacity to adopt binding compromises for our future. We cannot let this opportunity go, since it is a key summit in the Roadmap to COP21 in Paris and will decide how we will progress after Kyoto.

More to come in upcoming days!
– Verónica Juzgado reporting from COP20 for the Global Greens

12/06/2014 – 15:06

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