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Japan Green call for the immediate shutdown of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plants

We, Greens Japan, have been advocating a society without nuclear power generation, or development as a top-priority issue since our establishment. We have had extensive discussions about earthquake resistance concerning nuclear power plants, and we have published those findings. We strongly regret that our worst fears are now a reality.

On March 15, another big earthquake, centered at eastern Shizuoka in Tokai region, registered 6+ in the seismic acceleration scale. The Hamaoka nuclear power plants, located right middle in this Tokai region, are said to be quite vulnerable to seismic effects: we have no time to spare before much stronger Tokai earthquake eventually hit this facility or we would face “Nuclear Seismic Disaster.” Remembering that we are dealing with unprecedented crisis at Fukushima power plants under pressure of earthquake and tsunami relief efforts in Tohoku region, any seismic damage to this Hamaoka nuclear facility would be as disastrous, to say the least.

We are quite disappointed to hear the first report after the Shizuoka quake regarding this nuclear facility saying “Hamaoka is operating all right” without presenting any solid data or facts. These half-minded announcements rob the citizens of basis for proper judgment and only stir their anxieties. It prevents Japan from adequately preparing our country for such a situation.

Therefore, Greens Japan urges our government and Chubu Electric Company, the operator of Hamaoka nuclear power plants, to:

1a. Shutdown Hamaoka nuclear facility immediately, as a precaution, to protect all citizens’ well-being and safety.
1b. Provide better assessment and preparations regarding seismic conditions and potential tsunami.
1c. Prepare for a better cool down process in the event of disaster, based on what we have learned from the failings at Fukushima.
2. Provide complete and accurate information without delay should any earthquake hits nuclear power plants.


03/16/2011 – 00:00

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