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Green Reactions to UN warning of catastrophic effects of climate change

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change fifth assessment report has been released, warning that the effects of climate change are already been felt across the world and are likely to become “severe, pervasive and irreversible” in the years to come.
The report, which the UN says is the most comprehensive assessment of the catastrophic impact of climate change on the world, is the most comprehensive to date. It explains that climate change will effect every single person on the planet, with rising temperatures already having an impact on agriculture, human health, and water supplies. 
The report is based on follows on from an earlier IPCC report released last year, that comprehensively determined that humans are to blame for rising global temperatures and called for policy-makers to take greater steps to combat the causes of climate change. 

Commenting on the IPCC Report, Green MP from Canada Elizabeth May said: “The IPCC report made it clear that the opportunity to avoid global tipping points is shrinking. We cannot afford delay, procrastination and denial”.

Green Initiatives and Sources

  • European Green Party website
  • Green Party of Canada calls on Prime Minister to provide real answers as to whether Canada has officially given up on combatting climate change.
  • New Zealand Greens MP Kennedy Graham Blog post on the future of the Earth’s Climate
  • Green Group in the European Parliament leaflet and short summary of the IPCC Report; Stop the Climate Change Campaign website

04/04/2014 – 17:18

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