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Green Party of Lebanon joins the Asia Pacific Greens Federation

The Global Greens welcomes the Green Party of Lebanon as the newest member of the Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF)!

Visit the Green Party of Lebanon’s website at: to learn more about the party.  

The Green Party of Lebanon was established as a political movement in 2004, registered as a political party in 2008.


Mission of the Green Party of Lebanon:

The Green Party of Lebanon is an environmental, developmental, secular, democratic and modern party endeavoring for Lebanon to remain an inherited national treasure, protected by a modern secular state that adopts sustainable development in all of its economic and social politics.

The Party sees environmental issues and the management of resources as a critical cause and a cornerstone for Lebanon’s future and longevity.

The Party sees that “Earth has no sect” and that all Lebanese men and women, children and elderly are responsible for preserving their inherited legacy.

The Party includes memebrs from all Lebanese regions, both residents and expatriates, representing various movements, affiliations and denominations sharing the Party’s principles and ideals as their common ground.

The Ten Principles of the Green Party of Lebanon:

1) The Oneness of Man and Nature

The Green Party of Lebanon believes that man and nature are inextricably linked and share a common future on this planet. The party supports human modernity on condition that it leverages the exploitation of limited natural resources and does not upset the balance of natural systems whereas future generations will enjoy a healthy environment and a proud inherited legacy.

2) Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is the improvement of the quality of human life through the rational and insightful exploitation of environmental resources. The Party believes that real development and modernization reside in people’s conscience and in the availability of a wide variety of choices that do not exclusively result from technological and economic progress. The resources available on this planet are limited hence, boundless economic consumption damages life on earth; to this end the use of resources should be leveraged and the reliance on alternative energy increased.

3) Respect for Diversity and Difference

The Party believes in the richness of diversity and the right to be different. The Party respects political, cultural, religious, ethnic and gender diversity and endeavors to improve interaction and dialogue. The Party also endeavors to understand the peculiarities of diversity and difference. 

4) Equal Rights and Duties for Men and Women

The Party believes in the central role of women in politics and public policy and encourages women to prove themselves and their abilities in politics by joining the Party to straddle its causes and assume the highest responsibilities.

5) Democracy, Freedoms and Human Rights

The Party believes in a democratic system that fosters human rights and guarantees personal and public freedoms. The Party endeavors to render the people as the source of all powers by providing ample opportunities of empowerment. The Party seeks a modern electoral law with proportional representation that promotes principles of fairness and equality between citizens and allows youth and women the opportunity to take part in the core of political life in Lebanon.

6) Modern State and Citizenship

The Party endeavors to found the pillars of a modern state in Lebanon by extracting sectarianism from political texts and form people’s minds and by adopting secularism and the respect for religious beliefs while promoting citizenship. The Party believes in a state with integrity free of corruption and bribery and in the capacity of Lebanese society to advance a system based on accountability, monitoring and transparency.

7) Sound Administrative Decentralization

The Party believes in a modern and sound administrative decentralization system where people at the local level are able to make decisions on issues affecting their daily lives and in a way that they can utilize natural resources responsibly and rationally while appreciating the value and scarcity of these resources and protecting the cultural legacy.

8) A Free and Orderly Economic System

The Party believes in a free economic system where the modernization of society, promoting individual entrepreneurship and a defined role of the state are its main objectives. The Party recognizes the importance of thoughtful economic planning to promote new, income generating productions in rural areas; protecting manual labor; preventing monopoly; and a taxation policy that protects low-income citizens. The Party endeavors to leverage public spending; the biggest waste and the largest debt are environmental. 

9) Nonviolence

The Party believes in life and world peace; in a land free of weapons of mass destruction; and limiting ownership and abuse of arms. The Party apposes all forms of violence, terrorism and wars; and all forms of intimidation and domination wherever they came from and irrespective against whom they are practiced. The Party prefers dialogue and negotiation and promotes nonviolent and peaceful of conflict resolution.

10) Openness and International Cooperation

The Party sees Lebanon’s relationship with its Arab neighbors as voluntary, open to modern trends and based on good neighborliness. Lebanon is a vital nation in the international system especially in the Mediterranean basin, abiding by international conventions and the respect of sovereignty and independence of each country. The Party believes in positive nonalignment and rejects political axes. The Party supports all countries that respect human rights and the principles of environmental protection and respect Lebanon’s freedom and independence.


  • to move Lebanon towards a modern secular state
  • to preserve nature and the health of future generations
  • to revitalize and prioritize environmental awareness
  • to be the watchful eye over the national agenda of the government and safeguard accountability
  • to promote sustainable developmental and environmental policies
  • to accompany global environmental progress

02/20/2016 – 19:30

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