Exciting opportunity – General Secretary of the APGF

Here is an exciting opportunity to work as the General Secretary of the Asia-Pacific Greens Federation!

This role is a permanent part-time job which can be done from home anywhere in our region.  If you have a passion for international Green politics and experience working in administration and/or governance roles, this is a great opportunity for you.   Applications should be sent to Metiria Turei [email protected] by Monday 2 December 2019

 The APGF is a Federation of national Green parties, social and environmental organisations from across Asia and Oceania united by shared core values of social justice, sustainability, non-violence, participatory democracy, respect for diversity, and ecological wisdom and our joint-effort to foster these values through political means as outlined in our Global Greens Charter.

 The APGF General Secretary’s role is to build the capacity of our organisation and members to embody our values in both policies and practice so that we can achieve political change in our societies through mutually supportive partnerships.

 The Gen Sec role includes managing and developing the APGF Secretariat whose main functions are:

  1. driving the strategic and operational priorities of the  APGF Council;
  2. facilitating communication throughout the APGF members and networks;
  3. overseeing administration, projects and staff; and
  4. facilitating the Global Greens APGF Joint Congress 2021.

  Applications should be sent to Metiria Turei [email protected] by Monday 2 December 2019

As an employee of the APGF, the Secretary will be under the direction of the APGF Co-convenors.  You will have some autonomy in administrative and operational matters, in the pursuit of the strategic goals of the APGF.  While the role requires political sensitivity and skill, the Secretary will not be responsible for political matters which remains the prerogative of the APGF Council. The Secretary will enact any political decisions made by the Co-convenors and the Council.

This is an exciting opportunity which can be done part-time from home anywhere in our region.  It is best suited to someone with several years experience working in green politics.

Responsibilities of the APGF Secretary:

  1. Strategic advice and operational oversight
  • Provide advice and administrative support to the APGF Council on all strategic and operational matters to promote best practice Green governance, collaboration and consensus.
  • Assisting the development of APGF organisational structures and capacity by giving advice and helping to facilitate the development of capacity building, training, and training materials to member parties.
  • Undertake all tasks assigned by the Co-convenors and/or the COuncil as directed, provide administrative and organisational assistance to the APGF Council, committees and networks so that their meetings are regular and function smoothly.
  • Work with external experts to implement a targeted fundraising program to support ongoing APGF work; and engage with APGF funding initiatives.
  • Monitor the quality of APGF record keeping and participation and ensure that the database is properly maintained and all legally required information is updated.
  • Liaise with related organisations such as the Global Greens.

   2. Staff management and Project management

  • Undertake best practice staff management including recruitment and retention, contract management, workload reviews, employment  reviews and staff support.
  • Effective management of all APGF projects including country-based projects, projects in partnership with funders, and APGF events including  face to face meetings, Councillor trainings, internships, study tours, and regional and international congress.

3. Maintain the high quality public-facing reputation of the APGF as a regional leader on Green issues

  • Maintain a quality web and social media presence
  • Advocate for, inform and engage member parties and the general public, through face to face and online meetings, and electronic communications
  •  Assist in facilitating and coordinating opportunities for intra-federation collaboration, so that APGF member parties are cooperating and helping to build each other’s capacity.


Skills and attributes:

  1. Experience working in green politics
  2. Commitment to and an understanding of Greens principles and policies;
  3. Demonstrated political understanding and diplomatic sensitivity;
  4. Demonstrated ability to work independently and with strong organisational skills;
  5. Excellent people skills, including the ability to relate well to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds;
  6. Strong organisational skills and demonstrated ability to manage complex projects;
  7. English fluency, including strong written and verbal communication skills;
  8. Proficiency with standard computer programs, including word processing and databases;
  9. Experience with budgets and financial management.


Desirable skills:

  • Experience working with websites particularly for content management;
  • Familiarity with Drupal and CiviCRM or similar contact management systems would be an advantage.


Salary and conditions

The salary will be based on the national standards for a senior non-profit management position in your country of residence.  Your local Green Party will be consulted to advise us on your local employment laws and standards.

  • 20 hours per week with a view to increasing those hours to 30 per week in 2021.  Hours are largely flexible, though there are regular online meetings that happen at set times which the Secretary must attend.
  • The Secretary will be responsible to the APGF Council and on a day-to-day basis will be responsible to the APGF Co-conveners.
  • The position may involve international travel. A current passport is essential.

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