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EGP Climate Campaign News: One Year before COP21 – Let’s move!

It’s one year before the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris. It’s high time to step up our efforts to reinvigorate our fight against climate change. As decided at the EGP Council in Istanbul, we’ll run a green climate campaign in 2015 together with our Member Parties and partners on the European and global level. This week – one year before Paris 2015 – we‘ll warm up with an online campaign on green cities. On our website andFacebook page we’ll feature ambitious local climate and energy initiatives implemented in municipalities with green leadership. Moreover, we’ll present impressions from the COP in Lima, where green MEP Bas Eickhout will be present for the European Greens.

Green Greetings,
Johannes Hillje, EGP Campaign Consultant

Online Campaign on Green Cities

In cooperation with Greens/EFA, we’re presenting this week green-led cities from across Europe, which are local climate heroes because of their ambitious energy and environmental projects. Every day of this week, we present another green city on ourwebsite and on Facebook. We combine these success stories with a call to action and ask citizens to urge their city or region to become a climate action leader too. If you would like to share the stories and images in your language, please for translations of the material.

COP20: Dutch MEP Bas Eickhout in Lima

Between 1 and 12 December, the COP20 Climate Summit takes place in Lima. Besides Greens from across the world, Bas Eickhout (GroenLinks) will be present and join the Peoples Climate March on 10 December. Together with the Greens/EFA Group we will feature Bas impressions from Lima next week on our website and social media channels.

Relevant dates:

1 – 12 December: COP20 in Lima, Peru
13/14 February: Global Divestment Day (organised by
16 February: 10 years since the Kyoto Protocol came into force
11 March: 4th anniversary Fukushima nuclear disaster
22 April: Earth Day
26 April: 29th anniversary Chernobyl nuclear disaster

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