Climate Change and Green Energy

The changing terrain of the profession in the era of climate change. New jobs will be created in the field of greenhouse gas reduction and climate change adaptation. Emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce carbon dioxide, is also becoming a promising safety areas to prepare for disaster. Is becoming important to sustainably use water, food and energy worldwide, while severe droughts, floods, hurricanes, cold, heavy snow due to climate change.

54 kinds of promising job There are 6 more that I plug in the energy sector, the carbon emissions inspection records specialist, carbon trading brokers, energy harvesting specialists, such as hydrogen fuel cell experts. The green job field also shows a prominent predicted a promising career in 2012 after 10 years resulting Korea Employment Information Service. Was also adjusted to include disputes related to climate and climate change, the police, housing inspectors energy efficiency, greenhouse gas certification auditors, renewable energy experts, developers Electric cars and fuel cell experts, bio-energy specialists, climate change experts.

South Korea is also likely to be active from 2015 to charge emissions trading intermediary between companies and countries with a greenhouse gas emissions trading, I will begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon trading brokers consultants. In energy saving and reducing the greenhouse gas reductions even greater efficiency and improved economy. And improve energy efficiency in South Korea, was introduced in 1992 Company (ESCO) Energy saving systems are specialized to make money with reduced energy costs. But growth does not affect the cost of the domestic industry mothada electricity rates saw. This is because the operating system is a realistic electric bills abroad you actively Watts (amount of electricity generated by energy savings surplus) business.Is it then appeared that the energy harvesting specialists in Korea, unlike distant view of the various agencies work?

The program has been packed with people hwalyaksang 1980s called ‘Ghostbusters’ ghost catching trendy television. In Seoul, people have had the energy to take. These are just ‘energy planners.Seoul and from 2013 to recruit agents for small buildings, shops, educational facilities, religious facilities to reduce energy consumption, diagnostic and consulting room. The measures provided by public sector job creation in the municipality as part of business. 150 people this year and last year, 95 people pulling operations.

Turn on the lights in broad daylight notgeona sales is over the middle of the night time He lit signage and outdoor lighting, there are many places that the air conditioning air conditioning, open the door around the city. Agents are presented with solutions such as standby power protection, high efficiency LED lighting penetration, chayangmak outdoor air conditioning installation, air conditioning in summer opening of a gate porcelain, building energy efficiency (BRP) business, mini solar generator installed this energy waste on-site visit. The project is also in progress to replace the LED (1200 pieces) and low energy efficiency of traditional incandescent lighting energy market research last year. I was able to save the electricity bill is popular among traders. Seoul, energy planners have been reduced during this past year, and only the total energy is 1044 kWh, amounts to ₩ 1,040,000,000 when converted into electrical charges.

12 people were selected for energy workers this year. The Energy Poverty Survey and emergency support role in activities for low-income and energy poverty measures energy workers. Serves to support screening to low-income households and 50 households selected aperture 25 to 1,000 poor households to energy research, such as furniture and status, economic situation, energy use status, welfare demand in the second half of Seoul. Install energy-efficient products or commercial building industry all the electricity bill is high, and efforts to reduce energy consumption would actively proceed with the ESCO business, because the current market is difficult to grow spontaneously in Seoul Korea prior to planting jobs The Shem that.

To get the job qualifications were also more than 20 energy companies have made more than 80 of the Energy Cooperative Energy planners have had activities in Seoul last year. Made a total of 07 combinations, such as the poor status of cooperative energy research and energy to support social welfare cooperatives, which specializes in apartment and bath up energy audit energy design social cooperatives, cooperative Appropriate Technology in Seoul, Seoul Energy Education Cooperative . Oozing abdomen three times a week where 30 households were also conducted the business of the battery delivery and management of low-income energy assistance business in Seoul energy cooperative environment.

In Europe, energy cooperatives were very active, and activities throughout the 1500-2000 EU energy than to support cooperatives. Various sizes are also gathered from residents in installing a 15kW solar power plant in the school roof British case, by participating in the cooperative operation of 40MW for large scale wind farm in Copenhagen in front of the sea. The energy production facilities and co-operated with the German iron Anau to Electret Italy Rica jig grid node cooperative practices also renewable. South Korea is the gestation stage of the energy cooperative. Over the more than 20 people across the country that led the sunlight plants.

Wind, solar, bio-gas to, wood-based cogeneration plant cooperative citizen participation took place a robust renewable energy, creating 47 million jobs in the renewable energy sector in Germany.Solar sector jobs in the United States is enormous diffusion rate. According to the Solar Foundation report, the United States increased by 24,000 people in 2013 solar field practitioners. The figure increased to 20% a year ago. Given that the United States is 1.9% growth in total industry employment is growing in a steep trend is more than 10 times the solar field. Foundation Executive Director Andrea Lu eke Solar “photovoltaic industry has grown 53% over the past four years and has created five million jobs,” he said, “It is the solar energy industry has already demonstrated outstanding ability, job creation,” he said. The diagnosis jyeotdago lead to job creation, the increasing demand for solar power systems and solar photovoltaic prices are called experts.

These solar jobs in the United States shows that there is a reality, published 2009 World Climate Network (Global Climate Network) is ‘a low-carbon global career prospects’ report. 2020 was expected to be 2,000 million jobs could be created from eight different countries (USA, Australia, China, Germany, India, Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom) to develop a low-carbon energy industry report. I fully support funding for research and development in order to create professional reports in a low-carbon jobs will set specific targets for renewable energy ratio △ △ △ available to research institutions to foster the development of technology for carbon-intensive energy industry △ It suggests that you repair the system, such as the elimination of subsidies that impose a carbon tax.

For example, set a goal that renewable energy to meet 20% of electricity production by 2020, Australia. This allows only the power industry springing 10,000 jobs annually, is expected to generate a total of 1.7 million jobs in all industry sectors. While South Korea is currently the renewable energy portion of the total power is only 1.4% do not. So does the speed najil renewable energy jobs.Announced he would raise among Korea’s total primary energy in 2035 to 11% renewable energy share of the Second Energy Basic Plan Ministry of Industry usual. But also lower the target problem when applying the 11% renewable energy standard internationally accepted goals is only 4%. This is because the energy contained in the waste is not played internationally recognized.

Announced plans to develop industry in the future to dig the six new businesses in the energy sector, the government recently. The goal is to switch to the “demand management” in “Enlarging” the energy center of policy and demand management to ensure new growth market creation. The expected market size is 2 trillion won in 2017 and created it by creating more than 10,000 jobs. However, the priority is to create the ability to increase the demand in the field of energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy to create jobs in the market conditions. The goals and policies for the renewable energy industry and electricity rates normalize enlarged system build core policies means.

If you do not have a limit deneun energy market, the government created a foundation for the spread of green jobs. It should be noted that the failure to create green jobs in a presentation to the national priority of ‘green growth’ when the current President Lee Myung-bak government. It is essential that energy planners to prepare a climate change era. Energy efficiency markets must be enabled in order to energy planners are active.

Lee, Yu-Jin (Green Party co-chair policy)


09/15/2014 – 18:33

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