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Women And Young People Are The Future We All Need.

Around the world, they are leading the fight to stop climate change, achieve gender equity, and secure environmental and social justice.

That’s why we’re committed to building their skills, networks, and global impact – but we can’t do it alone. 

Help us fund our next Gender Equity and Empowerment training. Your donation will go a long way towards our $4,000 goal to implement trainings in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

We have seen the change that young people and women can make where our ‘leaders’ have failed. The School Strike for Climate and the #MeToo movement have mobilised millions and put a spotlight on social and environmental justice. The courage and bravery of activists is changing the world when we need it most.

APGF gives women and young people the skills and confidence to take their activism to the next level.


We bring activists together. We provide mentoring and support. We train women and young people on issues, grow their leadership, and help them build campaigns.


We do all of that on a shoestring budget – so imagine what we could achieve with you on our side, too! Will you chip in now to help us amplify the voices we need to hear most?

Rachana is a young woman activist in Nepal. In 2018 she joined the APGF Women’s Network mentoring program, where she gained the knowledge, skills and empowerment to become a leading advocate for women in Nepal and internationally. 




“There are so many possibilities, and they are so close if you want to catch them! The Mentorship program has given me the skills and confidence to lead and advocate for what I believe”


Since her time in the program, Rachana has been a candidate in Nepali elections! She represents APGF to the Global Greens and is the current secretary of APGF’s Women’s Network. She has also become a gender equity trainer, delivering training sessions in Nepal, and helped organise trainings for India and Bangladesh. And her future is looking even brighter.


Rachana’s story shows the powerful effect we can have when we support women and young people to lead. 

You See, We Have Big Plans.

We’ve just trained 20 women to become the next generation of gender equity trainers in our region. We are starting a Middle East Arab Green Women’s Network. We want to expand our mentorship program to more young people across the Asia-Pacific region. And we are redoubling our efforts to be a global voice on the biggest issues our planet faces.


But we need you to help us get there. We don’t have the money of giant companies that pollute our air, land and water, but we have something more powerful: your support to activate tomorrow’s leaders – today.


Thank you for everything you do for a just and sustainable world, and the support you provide to help women and young people fight for our future.


Nick Cooper

General Secretary

Asia-Pacific Greens Federation