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Parliamentarians Association (GGPA)

GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015
GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015

Green Members of Parliament are welcome to join the Global Greens Parliamentary Association by contacting [email protected]


The GGPA, being composed of elected members of legislatures shall work collaboratively together as one network, while operating at two levels of national and sub-national action, in pursuit of the following objectives:

  1. To be active, in a coordinated manner, in our parliaments on issues of identified global concern, in order to influence the governments of our countries, and the public whom we represent, to the goals specifically identified by the Global Greens;

  2. To develop a mutually-reinforcing and mutually-supportive network of MPs, as individuals, to help us each to become most effective in our parliamentary action, and realise our potential as movers of positive global change;

  3. To achieve positive change for Green goals at the global and regional levels through the strengthening of international institutions, including more parliamentarian representation and decision-making influence in those bodies.



1. There are currently more than 400 Green parliamentarians in approximately 25 national level parliaments around the world. There are many more parliamentarians in local, regional and state level parliaments.

2. Currently there is no simple, certain or efficient way for these decision-makers to know about each other’s work or communicate about issues of interest. While many Green members of parliament “think global and act local” -- and Green voters like that we are an international Parliamentary force - the reality is that it is not always easy to find, communicate and work with our Green colleagues internationally.

3. Parliamentarians have a day-to-day need to stay in touch with Green colleagues about policy responses. There are also many issues where a multi-nation alliance of parliamentarians can bring attention and depth to an issue in a national parliament or an international institution.

4. While Green parliamentarians are growing in number every year, there remain important parts of the world where there are few Green decision-makers. In order for the Greens family to win many of the big issues globally, we must see more Greens elected in the emerging economies of the world, in particular in the Asia Pacific. A Green Parliamentarians Association can also provide support and guidance to Green candidates in emerging economies.

5. Green parliamentarians have started a discussion about the need for an international Association and think there is a need to work together to promote the implementation of the Global Greens Charter in parliaments, local, regional and in international forums.



The Global Greens:

1. Supports the plans to establish a Green Parliamentarians Association as an international network for parliamentarians and elected representatives at national, supra-national, state, regional or local level who are connected to the Global Greens.

2. Endorses the need for such Green parliamentarians to work together to promote the implementation of the Global Greens Charter in parliaments and in international forums.

3. Endorses the need for Green parliamentarians to share information about policy successes, support Green parliamentary candidates in emerging democracies and work across national borders where this can help to realise Greens policy goals.

4. Acknowledges that the Parliamentarians Association will work closely and coordinate with the Global Greens Coordination.


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GGPA Leaders group photo Dec 2015

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