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The Global Greens is a non-profit organisation registered in Belgium.  We rely on donations to do our work of connecting Greens around the world to implement the Global Greens Charter.

There are many ways to contribute to the Global Greens - choose from the menu below!  

Questions?  Contact either the GG Secretariat at [email protected].


Menu of Donation Options:

FRoGG Activist

FRoGG Green Party

FRoGG Parliamentarian

Donate to a Crowdfunding Project

Propose a Project

Get Tax Deduction on your GG Donations

Donation Principles




FRoGG Activist

By making a recurring monthly donation of any amount you will be recognised as a FRoGG Activist!  We encourage you to consider donating 1% of your income. 

Why 1%? 

Because the Greens are leading by good example to actualise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and as a Global Greens exemplifies the SDG Goal 17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.  The UN’s target for international aid spending is 0.7% of gross national income.  Greens can and are doing better than that - for example, the Green Party of Sweden has achieved the Greenest national budget ever and includes 1% GNI going to international development assistance.

Greens activists and parties can do the same by contributing at least 1% of their income to support the development of Green parties globally! 

Join the movement to donate 1% of your income to the Global Greens!  Once you set up a recurring monthly donation you will have the option to be recognised as a FRoGG (Friend ofthe Global Greens).

How to donate:

Fill in our Donation Form and pay by credit card or bank transfer.   Make international bank transfers easily and without high bank fees by using Transferwise!

The Global Greens Bank Account is:

  • Bank: BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Address: Quartier Leopold, Place de Luxembourg 14, 1050 Elsene, Belgium
  • BIC/Swift code: GEBABEBB
  • Account number: BE17 0017 6141 5421
  • Account name: Verts Mondiaux AISBL

Are you in Scandinavia and use Swish?

Payments using Swish can be made to the phone number (+46) 070-6710351 with the note "Contribution Global Greens". This is the phone number for the Global Greens Fundraiser, Ms. Eva Goës



FRoGG Green Party  

Green Parties become FRoGGs by donating at least 1% of party income to the Global Greens.  Each party decides the income streams where the 1% contribution applies.  Read Why 1%?

Example: The Asia-Pacific Greens Federation (APGF) have already agreed for national &/or state level Green Parties & Members of Parliament to donate 1% of their income to international Greens work. This is split equally between the Asia Pacific Greens Federation and the Global Greens.

Some local parties (state, regional and municipal) are also contributing!Would these options be applicable for your party?  Find out how to become a Green Party FRoGG by contacting Eva Goës, GG Fundraiser, [email protected]



FRoGG Parliamentarian

Parliamentarians and other elected representatives donate 1% of their income to the Global Greens.  Contact: Eva Goës, GG Fundraiser, [email protected]   



Donate to a Crowdfunding Project

Donate directly to a Global Greens project through these crowdfunding campaigns - made by & for your fellow Greens!


Propose a project 

A "Global Greens Project" is any activity done by Green parties together.  Listed below are the topics which all Green parteis have agreed to work on together in 2018, as decided by the Member Parties' representatives on the Global Greens Coordination (GGC) Committee.  

Projects related to these topics should be developed among the Green parties themselves.  The Global Greens organisation and secretariat can support the project work by using the GG platform for communications, coordination, and faciliting operations wherever possible.  Contact the GG Secretariat to share your project ideas, at [email protected]

2018 Global Greens Topics: 

  1. Cooperation on Tackling Climate Change
  2. Development Cooperation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  3. Nuclear Disarmament in energy and the armed forces
  4. Make the GGs website much more useful
  5. Globalise the GG Secretariat



Get a Tax Deduction on your Donations

Some countries allow you to get a tax deduction on donations made to non-profit organisations like the Global Greens.  

If you need the GGs organisation to be registered in a particular way in your country in order to receive tax deducation benefits, please contact Eva Goës, GG Fundraiser, [email protected]

Are you in the Netherlands? 

Good news! The Global Greens has tax exempt (belastingvrijstelling) status in the Netherlands: ANBI 8255 29 840. To claim your tax deduction, please use our French name "Verts Mondiaux AISBL" , not "Global Greens". The advantage depends on your income tax. You can even obtain 100% tax deduction if you arrange a formal Donation Licence for 5 years with the help of a Public Notary.  



Donation principles

The Global Greens Coordination adopted the following principles in relation to donations in May 2011. They apply to donations, in-kind contributions, sponsorship and the like.

  • The Global Greens welcome donations, as well as in kind contributions, to support our work.
  • We will seek to ensure that donations are not accepted from sources whose actions and values are inconsistent with the principles of the Global Greens Charter.
  • We will maintain and periodically publish a list of significant donations.
  • The Global Greens Coordination will be responsible for determining how donations are spent. Donors may express a preference but not determine the use.
  • Global Greens donations will be used to the support the work of the Global Greens and its member federations. They may also be used to support the development of member parties and political movements but will not be used for direct election campaigning.

The Global Greens Coordination is responsible for ensuring that the donation principles are implemented including by:

  • establishing criteria for significant donations;
  • setting up a screening mechanism for any donations that may need review;
  • regularly publishing lists of significant donations;
  • establishing a list of unacceptable donation sources.

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